Monday Motivation–Olympics Edition

“You were born to be a player. You were meant to be here. This moment is yours.” (1)

Oh have i got to get into this mentality with everything in my life lately. Mostly being this blog and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           getting in shape by working out and eating right. Both are hard.

How to celebrate Galantine’s/Single’s Awareness Day or Valentine’s Day

Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day and Singles Awareness Day

Single Awareness Day or Galantine’s Day

1. Hang out with all your other single girls

2. Buy Chocolate for your self

3. Make disgusted faces at all the couples you see because c’mon you know you want to


4. Go out to dinner with your girlfriends and make it a rule to not talk about guys. (Including ones you like, the ones you dislike, the ones you want to date, the idiot that is missing the signs that you like him, and your boyfriend if you are dating.)

5. Have a DIY or real spa day by yourself or with your girls because who really needs an excuse to #treatyoself

shootlikeagirl6. If you are slightly weird like me and would love to put someone’s face on a target and go at with either a bow or gun #justdoit #countryandiknowit #shootlikeagirl #2a

7. Have a movie marathon. By yourself or with friends. Sure, you can watch romantic movies and wish life was that and be cliché or you could just throw a curve ball and watch either action, adventure or if you are into it horror.

HP Marathon

8. Get a manicure and Pedicure. Or DIY it.

9. If you are a nerd and books make you happy (like me) go to the bookstore and buy yourself a new book or 4.

10. Or just act like it is any other day and wait a day for all the candy to go on sale and then drown your problems in chocolate.

Girls Night


Now what to do for Valentines Day

I really have no idea because I have never really had a boyfriend or had one during valentine’s day. Here are some things that would be good in my opinion.

1. If likes Lilly aka Lilly Pulitzer either buy it for her or take her shopping. This would probably work for just about anything- if you know she loves it buy it. #buymelilly

2. See Fifty Shades or don’t; there are plenty of good movies out besides this. Go to the movies.

buymelillygraphic3. Be like everyone else and get flowers and chocolate

4. And jewelry.

5. Again, if she likes books get her one of those. That will always go better than flowers and chocolate for a nerd.

6. Cook her dinner.

7. Watch movies. A lot of them, like enough for a marathon. And cuddle. It could be action/adventure or what the heck a Harry Potter marathon, or even a Disney Princess marathon. (Basically, all girls love the Disney princesses to some extent, even if they don’t broadcast it. Take me I am Belle.)

My thoughts are either if you are single or coupled you shouldn’t hate valentines day(although it is kind of a made-up holiday, that’s just me though.)

From the Kid’s Section: Lilly Pulitzer


From the Kid's Section_ (1)


//Girls Mini Ramona Sweater//Girls Mini Maia Leggings//Girls Mini Jaci Dress //               Girls Mini Alanna Dress//Girls Mini Tatum Cardigan  //UPF 50+ Luxletics Mini Weekender Legging 

Girls Mini Ramona Sweater//  Well I do not actually own this sweater but it seems like it would fit us, petite girls. I have seen it sold on Poshmark by someone who is an adult xxs/xs/s so I figure it is a good thing to post. It’s actually on my wishlist. It’s from past seasons also which means you can probably find it in other colors if you look hard enough.

Girls Mini Maia Leggings//  These I do own. I own like 6 pairs now. They have come in multiple prints but the only problem is I think Lilly Pulitzer has caught on how many adults have been buying these leggings and i believe that End of 2017 was the last time they were making them before they changed over to the newer leggings(the ones by the same name which now look more kidish and the Luxletics ones like the adult ones- still cost less but not by much) So if you want to find them your best shot is either Ebay, Poshmark, or Lilly Pulitzer buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook. They are comfortable-they are easy and it makes you look like you tried to look nice while still being comfy. And I take either a Large or Xlarge in these- Its whatever one they have is the one I will take lol. I am 4’11” and the Xlarge ones are a little long for me. Its fine for me but it just depends on your preference. A fit outfit post coming soon. Right now its a little cold for them unless you layer them Cuddle Duds.

Girls Mini Jaci Dress// This is not on their site right now as it is from past seasons. I believe it was from sometime in 2017 Late Spring/Early Summer/Resort. It also comes in multiple prints but this thing is going to be hard to find. I have been looking and have not seen that many. Once again Poshmark/Lilly Signature Stores/Lilly Buy Sell Trade Groups are your best bet. I am linking to one on Amazon there is no guarantee how long it will be up there(large). If I manage to snag one I will post a fit post.

Girls Mini Tatum Cardigan// I do not own this; at least not yet but it is on my wishlist. I love the color and it looks so comfy and it also looks like it will go with everything. I love the fringe at the bottom. If I get it I will post a fit post.

UPF 50+ Luxletics Mini Weekender Legging// Don’t own these yet. I imagine they will fit similar to the other leggings but even more comfortable. They come in multiple prints and its part of the Luxletics Line so that means you can work out in it or not. Basically, we all know that a girl can never have too many leggings. This is on the top of my wishlist.

Girls Mini Alanna Dress//I do not own this-yet. It is kind of like the Jaci Dress but a little more structured. It is not on the website so that means you are going to have to search for it. I am linking to one on Amazon- It is small which I know will not work for any petite girl out there. I am guessing I would probably need a large or xlarge. That also goes without saying if it’s from the kid’s section you will probably need a large or xlarge(duh). It comes in lots of prints and it is from 2017 sometime I believe. If i manage to find one i will do a fit post and give yall the deets.

2018 Goals

So I am finally going to tell you my 2018 goals or sections of my life i am giving attention to.

1. Getting my finances in order.

2. Get better at adulting.

3. To get my blog up to professional standards in order to make it my side hustle.

4. To take care of myself Physically. I am putting this one as its own goal because i konw (my fitbit has the results ) that i have not been getting enough sleep and when i do sleep its not the best sleep in the world.So i figured might as well attack the problem head on and make this the year i develop healthy habits. I plan on doing it little by little. Adding habits on top of habits.

5. Take care of myself mentally and emotionally.

6. Work on my relationships.

7. Be Adventurous.

8. Simplify my life.

9. Keep Learning.

Most of the time when i make goals i get caught up in all the steps that i get paralyzed and end up not doing anything. A new thing on Powersheets this year is writing down first steps. This helps me a lot and reminds me that i cant do everything at once and do it well.

Galentine’s Gift Ideas

Galentine's Gift Ideas

Its the time of year where you either love all the “love” stuff around or you hate it( and most likely consider Valentine’s Day as Single Awareness Day). That is how I used to feel because I was the girl that was never interested in guys. I mostly considered them a distraction that is annoying and why bother if you are happy as you are.

Then Galentine’s Day became a thing which I am totally okay with. I mean an entire holiday that is basically about loving your friends and yourself. And as a  girl, your friends are super important and well any excuse for a Girls night is awesome in my opinion. Because seriously there are some people I would have not gotten through college without. This post is dedicated to all of yall.

February 2018 Goals

February Goals

Well, truthfully February 1st is seeming more like my January first since I finally fleshed out my goals instead of just having a general idea of what I want to accomplish. I have figured out that if you have a clear goal it is easier to accomplish.

Oh, and power sheets have added this new thing where you pick one goal or one word to be your focus. This month is Balance.


Monthly Goals

1.Get Content written/edited/scheduled for February/March/April

2.Go through clothes- This is kind of an ongoing thing. I know there are a lot of clothes that I don’t wear and then there are some that I wear all the time.

3.Make and keep an evening routine.

4. Blog Audit

5. Make a Vision Board

6. Learn how to safely gain weight and muscle.

7.Snowball plan for paying off debt.

8. Set up headache doctor appointment

9. Figure out what I have to learn about for improving my blog and make a plan of how I will go about learning it.

Weekly Goals

1.Read 1 book a week( Outside of reading Game of Thrones Series)

2. Weight train 5x a week

3.Social Media Free weekends

4. Sunday Prep day/Friday Check In

5. Learn and implement one new thing for blog

Daily Goals

1.Be in Bed by 10pm

2. Move for 20 minutes




The Big Picture: What I am Focusing on and Thinking about

2018 Goals Post Graphics

I have been planning on doing my big goal post for the year for a while – but then life got in the way. Nothing like working like a crazy person for the holiday season then getting sick to get you to realize what you want in life. Also, a contributing factor is that today is a bad DBA Day (DBA= Diamond Black Fann Anemia) which means I am upset at my body and at myself because I cannot do #allthethings normal people my age do. I start feeling sorry for myself and then it goes downhill from there. Instead of letting that happen I am reminding myself of what my goals are and some big picture habits I need to work on this year. I believe in always getting better in #alltheways; so that means physically, psychologically/mentally, emotionally, and in relationships.

What I am focusing on and what I am not…….

This is my way of saying what I am saying yes to and what I am saying no to. The things I am saying NO to are things that don’t help me to accomplish my goals or get me in the wrong frame of mind. Basically, I am saying NO to things that do not make my life better or easier. But the things I am saying YES  to help me get to my goals, help me stay in the right frame of mind and make my life better or easier. I am saying yes to things that make me happy and things that I should do more often, or when I start to feel sorry for myself because of things out of my control; i.e. DBA.

Things I am focusing on in 2018…


  •   What my body can do
  • What I am good at
  • How to get healthier
  • What I can control
  • How much stuff I have
  • How I spend my time
  • How I Spend my Money
  • Showing people that love me some love
  • Getting better
  • Writing more
  • Reading more
  • Exploring more
  • Focusing more
  • Giving more
  • Being Me unapologetically
  • Knowing What I Want
  • Seeing People (outside my family)
  • Doing things outside my comfort zone 
  • Being Thankful for what I do have 
  • Progress over Perfection 
  • Done is better than Perfect 
Things I am not focusing on in 2018
  • Social Media
  • Stuff
  • Comparing my story to everyone else’s
  • Comparing my body to everyone else’s
  • Feeling sorry for myself because I am not where I want to be
  • Being Negative
  • Wishing instead of Doing
  • Planning instead of doing because  I am scared 
  • Being scared to put myself out there both online and in person 
  • Sticking with what I know works instead of trying new things 
  • Being Stuck
  • Staying Inside my comfort zone
  • Focusing on what DBA makes me less like everyone else
  • The isolating part of having a Chronic Illness
  • What I cannot do

Currently……… August 2017 Edition

Reading…… Clash of Kings – A Song of Fire and Ice #2Game of Thrones

Planning………My content. Surprised , Me too.

Watching………. Game of Thrones Season 2, Disney Movies , Probably old 90’s classic movies(That statement makes me sound old)

Listening to Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett, and  Florida Georgia Line

Cooking Whole 30 approved  stuff, and coffee cake.

Eating Whole 30 Approved stuff , Trail Mix, and M&M’s . You know gotta keep it interesting.

Thinking of a lot of stuff. Life, Blog, Books. Everything and anything . Mostly how does the Solar Eclispe make you blind? , not from a biology standpoint but an astronomical one.

Going to work soon.

Dreaming of Fall nights with jeans and boots and sweaters and sweatshirts and shorts weather. Oh and Pumpkin Spice stuff( Yes, I know its out but it is way to early; at least lets get to September before the whole world goes basic white girl. )

Listening to T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett on repeat.

Annoyed with my split ends – I need to get a trim, the fact that at work we already talking about the “holiday season” , that I haven’t had a chance to go swimming a lot this summer, Having to reread a 900 page book because you waited too long to read the next one.

Drinking Coffee and Water. I like to keep it simple.

Wearing either shorts and a t-shirt or whatever will keep me comfortable at work where i wont freeze or get tooo hot. With a heat index of 100 don’t count out skirts and dresses. Oh and probably my Vans or Sperry’s.

Enjoying my days off, nice weather and taking my dogs for walks.

Asking people if I can anonymously mention people in my blog- but if you know me well enough one would know who I am talking about.

Figuring out how to possibly take #ootd’s and this whole blogging social media system.

Smiling because well I am actually writing again, I look cute.

Grateful for new people in my life, B, and old ones, M&C, that help me keep me from over reacting and realizing I do not have to be perfect right now.

Searching for ways to save money and pay off debt.

Buying foundation, clearance at Kohl’s-there is a great selection of Summer Spring stuff on clearance.

Learning a lot of stuff. Mostly if you don’t listen to your parents you will eventually get the lesson they were trying to teach you- just the hard way. Learning debt is actually really bad and puts a road block to your major goals.

Trying work on my blog, fitness and just life in general. Oh yeah majorly trying to get my finances in order.

Inspired by Bright Colors, good weather

Waiting for whatever is next.

Sitting either at the table or my desk. Right now its my desk.

Wanting to go to the pool after work, yall know with that 100 heat index.


Loving  my life right now.

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