Well I am stuck at home this summer and trying to find a job. And its very tiring and what not but what has been getting me through has been my sister. I love her and would do anything for her, no matter how much she annoys me. That’s an entire post in itself. But what i wanted to say is that yesterday I just had it , like leave me the heck alone and let me work, kinda had it, so i went to the pool.
Im not an athlete. I am not a swimmer. But I decided to just swim a few laps. It wore me out and took all my excess energy out and I did not end up blowing up. So yeah.Needless to say I think I found a way to work out that I actually enjoy. I think I shall try to do it everyday and hopefully itll help me get in shape. When I get back to school I dont know what I am going to do. Actually that’s one big giant question mark.