I think last semester was one of the best ones ever. Even though i had like two blood transfusions and stuff. But its amazing how meeting one person can make you a better person……like I would have not had the , excuse my language , Balls, to some of things I have done lately. Like Messaging this person who has like my dream job to be my mentor, or going straight into the Chamber of Commerce to ask for an internship, or to top it all off…..being able to have the guts to say some of the comebacks I think of to my father. Yeah, that last one has never happened. It feels good.
Point being, just to be able to ask for what you want to complete strangers is a skill and you also never know if you don’t ask. It is good to be upfront with people but its also good to always be yourself. Take ideas from people but always stick to being yourself, becuase…..now its quote time.

Why be a second rate version of anyone else

Be yourself. Because those that matter wont care and those don’t matter are irrelevant.