So yeah, I have no written since the summer. Sorry, to whomever actually reads this. So I’ve been in school for three weeks and am just now starting to get back in the groove of things. Its just been a rough beginning of the semester. But anyway, Im now organized and have a plan. If you know anything about me; I love to plan. Sometimes I have a hard time putting that plan into action. But this week I have finally been able to do it and it has been wonderful.

So  what I have been up to is:
A. Getting better. Thats a long story im not going into right now.
B. Organizing. This includes my school stuff and my job search stuff.
C. Finally playing catch up on all the school work i missed when i was sick.

So basically I’ve been in survival mode and am ready to get out of it.

Do ya’ll want to see how i stay on top of everything and how I am organized for school. Goal for this semester is to be ready for the real world after i graduate. More on that later.