So the name is long, but that’s how I feel lately. I am normally one motivated to do stuff and stay on task and get stuff done. I mean its been the joke all through college that I live in the library. Well I actually dont just to clarify.
All that being said, I am graduating in Decemeber. Talk about mixed emotions, that is probably an entire another post in itself. But basically I am stressed and a lot of the time lacking the motivation to get anything done, no matter how simple. If you follow me on twitter you notice hashtags i use A LOT. These are not limited to: #SrYrProblems #PoliticalScienceMajorProblems

I am also just a go get it type of girl. So this has been totally out of character, yeah I think its safe to say I’m in a little funk. But good news is I am working on getting myself out of it and this is what has worked. At least this week, I like change but at the same time I dislike it.

  1. Reading blogs. Mostly, The College Prepster. I love her blog she is so down to earth has perfect style and is actually part of the reason I wanted to start a blog. She is like 2 years older than me but seems like she has her life together so much more than me. I can never fail to relate to something on her homepage. #NotEvenSorry 
  2. The Disney Playlist on Spotify. Like its the greatest thing ever. It has the scores of all the great 90’s movies including 101 Dalmatians. 101 Dalmatians is one of my favorites, if not my favorite Disney Movie. Close second is Toy Story. 
  3. Organizing my life. It’s gotten so overwhelming with everything that Senior Year includes. I mean classes, writing my Senior Thesis ( Which I may do a post about because its just been a fun process.), being a research assistant to one of my teachers, staying on top of all my clubs and making sure I am taking care of myself.  And a sub note of this is; POST ITS are my savoir. And there shall be a post on that soon also. Which brings me to the next one. 
  4. Blogilates and her song challenges. They are so fun and hardly seem like work. My favorite is the ” Call Me Maybe” Squat Challenge. Basically do one or two of these and it will keep you energized. I forgot how much better exercise makes you feel. 
  5. And of course caffeine substances like coffee and monster. 
  6. A real good motivation lately has been online shopping. Its something I need to stop though. Its just something about new stuff that makes me wanna work. And considering most of the stuff I am ending up buying is just stuff to update my wardrobe and make it more business appropriate, makes it way to easy to reason through it. That being said I have so so many BOWS coming in from various Esty stores and don’t let me loose on RueLaLa when they have anything remotely preppy. I am working on building my foundation per say so its dangerous.