1. http://www.lumousnosity.com
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My Parents got the family plan so therefore that included me. I just love it. It’s a great break in between studying and writing internship applications. And working on my senior thesis. Its fun and it allows you take a break while not allowing your brain to shut off completely. I know I have a problem getting back to studying and whatnot after I take breaks like naps.
2. Luke Bryan’s New Album “ Crash My Party”
Luke Bryan New CD
Its been on repeat since I got it. Its on my IPhone and its on my computer I listen to it at least once a day.
3. My White Flats
I’ve been wearing these more often. This is major because I basically used to live in cowboy boots and then last year I got Sperry’s and fell in love. But these go with everything and I have had them since Senior Year of High School I think I finally broke them in so that may have something to do with it. Change is good sometimes.

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  1. You changed your blog title and url! 😛 I tried going on the other one today, and it said it was not available anymore. However, I saw on twitter that you changed it, so thank goodness for twitter! 😀 Anxious to follow you on this new blog! 😉

  2. Yeah sorry about that. Im just trying to make it all cohesive and more professional because I kinda want to write and research politics once i graduate which will be in December. Thanks for following. The fact that someone actually is anxious to read what I write blows my mind.

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