Sorry I am slacking on posts.

1. My friends. I feel like this in every post but it has made me realize that I actually have amazing friends. Getting together , even to do little things does amazing things for my mood and my motivation, most of the time. I mean minus last night when I ran into some friends at Chick-Fil-A and ended up going to Improv at the coffee shop. It was the first time I had gone this year and figured… im graduating so yeah. So basically just talking to some for like 5 mins does miracles.

2. My family. They have been relatively understanding about me not going home because if I go I want to spend time with them, and not do homework. And my sister said she missed me and that made me go and look at pictures for an hour and miss her even more.

3. The fact that I had an interview yesterday( I am writing this on friday) whoops.