Now that I finally finished the SheReadsTruth A Fresh Start Bible study I feel more calm. Calm because I know that no matter what I do or how much I fall down from what is right, He will pick me up and give me another chance. No matter what.

And lets just say that giving others the same is something that I need to work on. I am one to hold a grudge or at least get mad and stay mad for longer than most of my family. He wants it all and will take you where you are and will use you.

Right now I am in a period of transition. I know I will not live at home and will eventually get to where I belong but right now is a fresh start a fresh start with my family and making friends and I need to embrace it.


That’s all for now. Cannot wait to start John 1-3 study.


This entire study reminded me of a song which I am forgetting the name of…..

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  1. Whoa, I've been reading this too! I'm a bit (okay, a lot) behind schedule and haven't finished yet, but I'm reading another devo anyway (Starting Your Day Right — for the second time). I'm getting back to this faith thing (funny way to say it, hah!) and it's true — it's so calm to read a bit each day.

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