This is a wish list because lets face it…………I’m a broke college grad and cannot afford full price Lilly. Sad smile I know. But I am in love with the patterns and how they are not necessarily crazy designs but have just enough spunk in them to make  you stand out in a crowd.

Charlene Shift Dress- $158


Braylen Tab Sleeve Top- $78


Robyn Short Sleeve Dress- $98

46701b7303253c4bdfe7de695bc43fe0ryborn short sleeve dressMelissa Sweater Blazer- $168


Elsa Top- Tusk In The Sun Navy Blue – $198


If you cant tell I love the blues this season; and actually any time because its my favorite color.

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  1. Oh my, the navy blazer with pink accents! We may be college students, but wishlists are fun to do, right?

    (Found your blog weeks ago, by the way. I love it since I'm a Poli Sci major and, well, preppy… at least I try?!)

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