I have been sick for at least the past week and half and before that I was getting sick for about week and needless to say that changed plans.

Like a lot of them…..blogging , personal life , professional. Just everything.

I finally got to go to my internship today , yay!!!!!!!!!!

So yes I am feeling better, which is roughly translated I have a lot of energy and ideas stored up so this post may ramble.

Yes, I still have something in the works. Yes, I should be back to blogging more than once a week. Sometimes I think my brain moved too fast for me. I think this night calls for some CSPAN. #NoShame , and I would rather listen to Ukraine stuff than the  President. I am actually wishing I got CSPAN3 – remembers I have the internet- Currently streaming #CPAC14 with Rand Paul.

Fangirl moment over.

Yeah, not sleeping tonight.

So other exciting things:

  • I get to intern next week. Only thing I am not looking forward to is the fact that I can not wear my boots. –Cue the Pictures-

– First three are my current I used to wear all the time. Ariats and about 10 yr old. Bottom would be the work appropriate boots that I want, also Ariats.

2013-10-04 12.09.192013-10-04 12.07.542013-10-16 21.20.262013-10-13 18.25.59

  • I feel better.
  • Lent has started. I am doing the #SheReadsTruth Lent bible studies. I am also adding a fruit and salad to one meal daily.
  • Even though I am not at #CPAC its cool. I have #CSPAN and things will work out for the better.
  • I am just in a good mood. Which is a change.
  • I think I am going to watch Legally Blonde with Rand Paul in the background. Back to work and the “ Real World” tomorrow. I am excited to clean the entire house and do laundry. Maybe some blogging.