Considering I was planning on posting some time in the near future….I thought that I would link up with Carlee at East Coast Girl in Pearls

1. Where is your favorite workspace located? (Library, apartment, dorm room?)

My room or really any place I can spread out and people leave me alone.


2. Do you prefer a sleek desk or you more of an “organized chaos” kind of person?

I am more of an “ organized Chaos” kind of person but I love to spread out though.

2013-10-14 17.05.12


3. What is your favorite writing utensil ?

A pen.

5. Show us your agenda.

Its actually a whole lot fuller this is just the month.Its Lilly of course.


6. Just for fun. What are you most looking forward to in Spring?

Probably wearing Lilly. Yes, generic I know but it’s the truth. Its like impossible to have a bad day in Lilly Though.