Well i konw i wrote my goals down in the beginning of the year but i think i have changed or refined them more. This is something i like about Powersheets , they can change along with you.

  • Keep up with Politics. I know this is an odd item but i actually have my BA in Political Science and it is something i really enjoy. Actually one of my dreams is to sometime work in Washington DC or to help educate people about Politics in general.
  • Read more books. I know this is kind of obvious if one wants to keep learning and getting better, but hey if its not in writing will it happen. And don’t let me loose in a bookstore. That is all i am going to say about that.
  • To work on my Faith.
  • To learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. To learn how to make graphics for both my personal use and blog and also how to make money with it.
  • To get better time management skills and be more intentional with my time.
  • To start a Young Adult Group at my church.
  • To work on my relationships with people and get better at communicating both in person and in writing.
  • To get Healthy – Mentally, Physically and emotionally. All while not letting my chronic illness of Diamond Black Fann Anemia control my life.
  • To work on my blog more consistently and treat it as a business. Use my blog as a second income stream in addition to working at Kohl’s part time.
  • To once again work on the Contentment Challenge.

These are in no certain order.