Well i have had my powersheets done for a couple of days , but truthfully I haven’t exactly looked at them since then although they are on my wall. I know i have kept up with some of the daily tasks and worked on some of the bigger monthly goals.

Monthly Goals:

  1. Read 4 Books
  2. Work Through #BlogBoss and come up with Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Plan for this little blog
  3. 30 day Savings Plan- You put however much the date is for the day. Say its the 5th , you put $5 in. Or in my case transfer from Checking to Savings.
  4. Write my Editorial Calendar 3 months out
  5. Make an Inspiration Board and Keep it Visible
  6. Budget and Time Bill paying so i can pay off Debt
  7. Figure out Blog Expenses and Living Expenses
  8. Work on Saving Money
  9. Post Clothes to Poshmark and Buy/Sell/ Trade Groups

Weekly Goals:

  1. Track Time to figure out where I am wasting time so i better use my time effectively
  2. Pay Off Kohl’s and Capital One
  3. Office Hours for Blog (10 hours a Week)
  4. Work on a schedule for batching- Writing, Linking, Photos , Social Media Scheduling
  5. Accountability Group for Blog
  6. Keep Room/ Bathroom Clean

Daily Goals:

  1. Figure out and Implement a Morning Routine
  2. Move for 30 mins daily
  3. 30 Day Saving Challenge
  4. Office Hours for Blog 2 Hours a day
  5. Janeau
  6. Sleep Machine