2018 Goals Post Graphics

I have been planning on doing my big goal post for the year for a while – but then life got in the way. Nothing like working like a crazy person for the holiday season then getting sick to get you to realize what you want in life. Also, a contributing factor is that today is a bad DBA Day (DBA= Diamond Black Fann Anemia) which means I am upset at my body and at myself because I cannot do #allthethings normal people my age do. I start feeling sorry for myself and then it goes downhill from there. Instead of letting that happen I am reminding myself of what my goals are and some big picture habits I need to work on this year. I believe in always getting better in #alltheways; so that means physically, psychologically/mentally, emotionally, and in relationships.

What I am focusing on and what I am not…….

This is my way of saying what I am saying yes to and what I am saying no to. The things I am saying NO to are things that don’t help me to accomplish my goals or get me in the wrong frame of mind. Basically, I am saying NO to things that do not make my life better or easier. But the things I am saying YES  to help me get to my goals, help me stay in the right frame of mind and make my life better or easier. I am saying yes to things that make me happy and things that I should do more often, or when I start to feel sorry for myself because of things out of my control; i.e. DBA.

Things I am focusing on in 2018…


  •   What my body can do
  • What I am good at
  • How to get healthier
  • What I can control
  • How much stuff I have
  • How I spend my time
  • How I Spend my Money
  • Showing people that love me some love
  • Getting better
  • Writing more
  • Reading more
  • Exploring more
  • Focusing more
  • Giving more
  • Being Me unapologetically
  • Knowing What I Want
  • Seeing People (outside my family)
  • Doing things outside my comfort zone 
  • Being Thankful for what I do have 
  • Progress over Perfection 
  • Done is better than Perfect 
Things I am not focusing on in 2018
  • Social Media
  • Stuff
  • Comparing my story to everyone else’s
  • Comparing my body to everyone else’s
  • Feeling sorry for myself because I am not where I want to be
  • Being Negative
  • Wishing instead of Doing
  • Planning instead of doing because  I am scared 
  • Being scared to put myself out there both online and in person 
  • Sticking with what I know works instead of trying new things 
  • Being Stuck
  • Staying Inside my comfort zone
  • Focusing on what DBA makes me less like everyone else
  • The isolating part of having a Chronic Illness
  • What I cannot do

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