February Goals

Well, truthfully February 1st is seeming more like my January first since I finally fleshed out my goals instead of just having a general idea of what I want to accomplish. I have figured out that if you have a clear goal it is easier to accomplish.

Oh, and power sheets have added this new thing where you pick one goal or one word to be your focus. This month is Balance.


Monthly Goals

1.Get Content written/edited/scheduled for February/March/April

2.Go through clothes- This is kind of an ongoing thing. I know there are a lot of clothes that I don’t wear and then there are some that I wear all the time.

3.Make and keep an evening routine.

4. Blog Audit

5. Make a Vision Board

6. Learn how to safely gain weight and muscle.

7.Snowball plan for paying off debt.

8. Set up headache doctor appointment

9. Figure out what I have to learn about for improving my blog and make a plan of how I will go about learning it.

Weekly Goals

1.Read 1 book a week( Outside of reading Game of Thrones Series)

2. Weight train 5x a week

3.Social Media Free weekends

4. Sunday Prep day/Friday Check In

5. Learn and implement one new thing for blog

Daily Goals

1.Be in Bed by 10pm

2. Move for 20 minutes




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