So I am finally going to tell you my 2018 goals or sections of my life i am giving attention to.

1. Getting my finances in order.

2. Get better at adulting.

3. To get my blog up to professional standards in order to make it my side hustle.

4. To take care of myself Physically. I am putting this one as its own goal because i konw (my fitbit has the results ) that i have not been getting enough sleep and when i do sleep its not the best sleep in the world.So i figured might as well attack the problem head on and make this the year i develop healthy habits. I plan on doing it little by little. Adding habits on top of habits.

5. Take care of myself mentally and emotionally.

6. Work on my relationships.

7. Be Adventurous.

8. Simplify my life.

9. Keep Learning.

Most of the time when i make goals i get caught up in all the steps that i get paralyzed and end up not doing anything. A new thing on Powersheets this year is writing down first steps. This helps me a lot and reminds me that i cant do everything at once and do it well.

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