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//Girls Mini Ramona Sweater//Girls Mini Maia Leggings//Girls Mini Jaci Dress //               Girls Mini Alanna Dress//Girls Mini Tatum Cardigan  //UPF 50+ Luxletics Mini Weekender Legging 

Girls Mini Ramona Sweater//  Well I do not actually own this sweater but it seems like it would fit us, petite girls. I have seen it sold on Poshmark by someone who is an adult xxs/xs/s so I figure it is a good thing to post. It’s actually on my wishlist. It’s from past seasons also which means you can probably find it in other colors if you look hard enough.

Girls Mini Maia Leggings//  These I do own. I own like 6 pairs now. They have come in multiple prints but the only problem is I think Lilly Pulitzer has caught on how many adults have been buying these leggings and i believe that End of 2017 was the last time they were making them before they changed over to the newer leggings(the ones by the same name which now look more kidish and the Luxletics ones like the adult ones- still cost less but not by much) So if you want to find them your best shot is either Ebay, Poshmark, or Lilly Pulitzer buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook. They are comfortable-they are easy and it makes you look like you tried to look nice while still being comfy. And I take either a Large or Xlarge in these- Its whatever one they have is the one I will take lol. I am 4’11” and the Xlarge ones are a little long for me. Its fine for me but it just depends on your preference. A fit outfit post coming soon. Right now its a little cold for them unless you layer them Cuddle Duds.

Girls Mini Jaci Dress// This is not on their site right now as it is from past seasons. I believe it was from sometime in 2017 Late Spring/Early Summer/Resort. It also comes in multiple prints but this thing is going to be hard to find. I have been looking and have not seen that many. Once again Poshmark/Lilly Signature Stores/Lilly Buy Sell Trade Groups are your best bet. I am linking to one on Amazon there is no guarantee how long it will be up there(large). If I manage to snag one I will post a fit post.

Girls Mini Tatum Cardigan// I do not own this; at least not yet but it is on my wishlist. I love the color and it looks so comfy and it also looks like it will go with everything. I love the fringe at the bottom. If I get it I will post a fit post.

UPF 50+ Luxletics Mini Weekender Legging// Don’t own these yet. I imagine they will fit similar to the other leggings but even more comfortable. They come in multiple prints and its part of the Luxletics Line so that means you can work out in it or not. Basically, we all know that a girl can never have too many leggings. This is on the top of my wishlist.

Girls Mini Alanna Dress//I do not own this-yet. It is kind of like the Jaci Dress but a little more structured. It is not on the website so that means you are going to have to search for it. I am linking to one on Amazon- It is small which I know will not work for any petite girl out there. I am guessing I would probably need a large or xlarge. That also goes without saying if it’s from the kid’s section you will probably need a large or xlarge(duh). It comes in lots of prints and it is from 2017 sometime I believe. If i manage to find one i will do a fit post and give yall the deets.

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