Ways to Celebrate Valentines Day and Singles Awareness Day

Single Awareness Day or Galantine’s Day

1. Hang out with all your other single girls

2. Buy Chocolate for your self

3. Make disgusted faces at all the couples you see because c’mon you know you want to


4. Go out to dinner with your girlfriends and make it a rule to not talk about guys. (Including ones you like, the ones you dislike, the ones you want to date, the idiot that is missing the signs that you like him, and your boyfriend if you are dating.)

5. Have a DIY or real spa day by yourself or with your girls because who really needs an excuse to #treatyoself

shootlikeagirl6. If you are slightly weird like me and would love to put someone’s face on a target and go at with either a bow or gun #justdoit #countryandiknowit #shootlikeagirl #2a

7. Have a movie marathon. By yourself or with friends. Sure, you can watch romantic movies and wish life was that and be cliché or you could just throw a curve ball and watch either action, adventure or if you are into it horror.

HP Marathon

8. Get a manicure and Pedicure. Or DIY it.

9. If you are a nerd and books make you happy (like me) go to the bookstore and buy yourself a new book or 4.

10. Or just act like it is any other day and wait a day for all the candy to go on sale and then drown your problems in chocolate.

Girls Night


Now what to do for Valentines Day

I really have no idea because I have never really had a boyfriend or had one during valentine’s day. Here are some things that would be good in my opinion.

1. If likes Lilly aka Lilly Pulitzer either buy it for her or take her shopping. This would probably work for just about anything- if you know she loves it buy it. #buymelilly

2. See Fifty Shades or don’t; there are plenty of good movies out besides this. Go to the movies.

buymelillygraphic3. Be like everyone else and get flowers and chocolate

4. And jewelry.

5. Again, if she likes books get her one of those. That will always go better than flowers and chocolate for a nerd.

6. Cook her dinner.

7. Watch movies. A lot of them, like enough for a marathon. And cuddle. It could be action/adventure or what the heck a Harry Potter marathon, or even a Disney Princess marathon. (Basically, all girls love the Disney princesses to some extent, even if they don’t broadcast it. Take me I am Belle.)

My thoughts are either if you are single or coupled you shouldn’t hate valentines day(although it is kind of a made-up holiday, that’s just me though.)

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