Monthly Goals–February

Well I have been obviously putting this off. I have had it written down in a notebook but its not quite the same as having typed up on the computer and on my blog where I have to be accountable , no not at all. That being said here goes my February Goals:

  1. Start Grad School Research
  2. Write One Political Post a Week
  3. Write down concrete steps for three major Goals
  4. Get into a routine again- Morning and Night
  5. Read 2 books
  6. Write/ Update my master Resume
  7. Renew Driver’s License
  8. Organize my time better
  9. Call him back

Link Up

My #2014Mantra

I originally got this idea from Maxie at Iloinspired. I found her blog, and  McKenzie Horan’s blog from College Prepster and it could not have been at a better time with me just graduating from college this December and me going back to live at home. Since I am living at home I am in a totally new atmosphere than I am used to at school.

At school I had structure and knew exactly what was going on , which is something I like a lot. I am a very type a controlling person; I like to know what I am doing how I am supposed to do something and stuff. For the past month it has been all about making goals and what I want to do with my life and how I am going to get there.

I have realized one thing though, that if I want to accomplish my goals I have to go outside of my comfort zone. This has come from my parents, #SheReadsTruth and other people in different forms and after I have heard it a couple of times I figure they must be on to something. What that something is other than sounding a little crazy I have still to figure out.

Even though I don’t understand everything doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give it a try.

How I plan to live this year is with a #FreshStart , #JustDoIt and #WhyTheHellNot, #SteppingStones 

I have been encountered with lots of opportunities that I need to take although I know I don’t know everything so that I can get to things I want in the long run.


Heres to making #2014 the year of big things.

13 in 13

Things I learned in 2013…

  1. That I am actually good at politics. I know what you are thinking “How can I not know that?” , well I didn’t actually think I was amazing and awesome at it until I had someone confirm it. I mean I should have known given its what I majored in at college and kicked butt doing so but I didn’t.
  2. You find out who you real friends are. I went through some hard times and it was surprising who was the most supportive and believed me.
  3. Family is there no matter what. I mean they have always been there but in the past year it became really obvious to me.
  4. Its good to take a rest. This is just hard for me to understand and do. It probably shouldn’t have taken me getting sick to realize this but that’s what it took because I am stubborn.
  5. Why I am so weird. Myers- Brigg Personality INTP. Nuff said.
  6. Its ok to open up. This again is because I am stubborn and quite frankly dislike emotions because I tend to feel them strongly.
  7. There is always that one person. The one person who understands you, they are out there and finding them is greatest thing ever. Its nice to not have to hide most of who you really are. You should probably try to keep that person around as much ass possible too once you find them.
  8. To me logic and emotion do not go together and emotion is useless in my opinion.
  9. I really like CSPAN. This goes back to number 1. Apparently not many people do; even among politics academics and people who enjoy politics in general.
  10. Blogging was the best idea ever.
  11. People actually care if you let them.
  12. Never stop learning. Just because I graduated college and didn’t get a job that I wanted doing what I wanted in politics doesn’t mean I still can’t read and research about it until I get a job or my go back for my masters.
  13. Patience. I just need to wait on God and he will do everything in his timing. His timing is the best and I just need to wait a little longer for the stuff I want like a family.
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