MSince I’m just on my phone distracting myself I thought I would show you my favorite apps and why.

1. Pocket 
If you are like me and like to read but don’t like read articles as soon as you find them this app is for you. I found it in the midst of the Eric cantor loss and still have to read all those. I also like that it cuts out all the junk so all you have is the article. 

2. Twitter and Instagram 
Kinda a given. I love it to talk to people and it’s connected to this blog. Great way to stay connected when I’m not bogging – lately which has been a lot. If you want updates they are more likely posted there instead of my blog. 
Love Instagram for inspiration and keeping up with other bloggers I follow. You guys provide such an inspiration. I’ve found some great people that I want to read their blog from insta and hope to soon. 

3. Blogger and Blogglovin 
Blogger for days like today when I just don’t feel like getting my computer out to write a post. I know it doesn’t do as much as online but getting a post written lately  is hard enough. So anything that helps with that is a lifesaver. 
Blogglovin is where I find great blogs to follow and since I don’t like opening my computer lately I thought why not. I love it because you can favorite posts and it comes back to read again. I do that with a lot of posts but especially Levo League. 

4. The College Prepster App 
Love her blog and now that I can it easier I even better. Carly is such an inspiration to me and when I need my head on straight again and a dose of reality inspiration I go to her blog. She is someone I look up to and inspired me to have start a blog. 
5. My Fitness Pal 
I’ve been trying to eat better so this keeps me accountable. Keeping accountable is important to me lately cause it makes me feel like I am doing something right when I get something like eating correctly down. #itsthelittlethings I’m realizing make life awesome and sometimes we just need to chill to see them. 

6. Reminders and Calandar 
I actually just recently started using Reminders. I love it cause it keeps my to do list straight but not so much cause it reminds me of what I’m not doing cause I feel like I got ran over by a truck. I have about 7 different lists and I use the set time function so it pops up on my phone and the constant reminder is there. It’s also connected to my outlook which is good. I like it just where I can see it. Other wise I forget. #itsthelittlethings happen here too. It feels great to cross something off a list and feel like I’m not being defeated by my illness.