Pirates of the Caribbean Collabs–Lorac

Pirates of Carribean & Lorac Collab

Eyeshadow Pallet-$55 / Cheek Pallet- $35


So who doesn’t love a good collab??? Like really, who could not love combining of your two favorite things; in this case Make- up and a great movie Franchise – Pirates of the Caribbean. I have the eyeshadow pallet and it is to die for. The colors are awesome and strong  and easy to work with, all things you have come to expect with Lorac. Next up is the Double ended lipgloss. It comes in a variety of colors all based upon the theme of Pirates of the Carribean : Dead Men Tell No Tales.  Same with the names of the Eye Shadow. Some names include: Cursed, Black Pearl, Compass, Silvermist, Starry Night and Treasure. My favorites are: Sea Haze, Yo Ho , Compass and Starry Night. It also comes with a Lorac Front of the Line Eye Liner. The coolest part is that there is a little compartment on the side that the cheek pallet fits in; Which I am still debating getting. There is the Beauty and the Beast Collab that just came out also.

Pirates of the Caribbean Lorac

1. Ahoy Matey /2.Risk it All /3.All of them

This collection is available at Ulta, Kohls and

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Blogtember Challenge- WIshlist {Lilly and More}

First, My Lilly Wishlist:

Pink Tusk In The Sun Buttercup Shorts and Delia Dress I could just find a picture of the Dress. Then Next up is another Elsa; I love the one i have , which also happens to be Elephants, and in Georgia you can wear them all year around. Then my final item[I think] is the Marlowe Dress, I have lots of her other Tshirt dresses and I love them. They work for all seasons are normally just the right length for my 4’11” self. 
Pink Tusk in the Sun Delia Dress 

Pack Your Trunk Elsa 

Toucan Play Marlowe Dress 

And now for the Not Lilly Stuff…………….. First Off A prayer journal by valmariepaper

I have had my eye on an american flag scarf for months now. Here’s one from Esty. 
And this awesome incredible Maruader’s Map Infinity Scarf 
#fangirl #HarryPotter #HarryPotterForever #FandomOfTheMonthClub 
And as always I will gladly take a new pair of cowboy boots and books. That is another post though. 

Blogtember Challenge- Guilty Pleasures or, #RepublicanGirlProblems

My guilty Pleasure is easily Lilly Pulitzer, even though I  only buy it on sale.  And by sale I mean at her twice yearly #afterpartysale. I love it because it is so nice cherry and bright. It just makes me happy when I wear it. And her clothes are so comfortable and fit me perfectly and I don’t have to hem them, which is a blessing because I am 4’11” so lots of stuff doesn’t fit off the rack

Told ya I have a Tusk In the Sun Obsession. I also have the 2015-2016 agenda. 

Another Guilty Pleasure of mine is watching Harry Potter movies because no one else will watch them with me. This is because i end up quoting the entire movie. Yeah, its bad when you have I believe 5 out of the 8 memorized. 
 And watching CSPAN , hey someone has to do it. And here are some memes about CSPAN and Rand Paul, because he is interesting and has done some cool stuff in the Senate. His whole view of the Federal Reserve and and how there needs to be less regulation is what i believe in. So yeah. I also have all three of his books. 

Blog- Tember Challenge: My Style

My Style

My style
If I had to describe my style I would have to say country Prep. I’m all about those Classics; those things you can throw with a million outfits and still look put together. And by classics I mean: ballet flats, cowboy boots, polo’s, dresses, skirts and a good pair of jeans. 
A recent #OOTD 

My style is definitely classic with a little something thrown in, I am more likely to choose color than a big blingy jewelry piece.  
There’s a lot of styles that I don’t get: pre-tore jeans, crop tops and high- waisted jeans. I have nothing against those I’m just not that kind of girl.

SHOES: I would have to say cowboy boots, Sperry’s and flats are what I live in. Me and shoes do not get a long, once I find a pair that fits I go with it.
Of course when i look for a picture of my boot(s), i can not find one. 
Jewelry: Simpler the better. I am definitely a southern girl when it comes to pearls, I wear them the most often. I’m a big fan of bangles and charm bracelets. AND I LOVE BOWS. #NoShame

Dresses, Skirts, Jeans and Pants: I go through spurts where I’ll just where dresses and skirts every day and then I’ll go to the opposite end and wear pants all the time. Pants and Jeans I love to dress up or down and if I can wear something Lilly, you bet I am. The more color the better. 

Southern Girl Essentials

Wishlist Wednesday : Lilly Pulitzer and Sperry Topsider

If I have two favorite brands it has to be Lilly and Sperry’s. They are both so confortable. And given I am about to enter the business world and in my opinion , my wardrobe is seriously lacking, I find myself on the RueLala website when they have either of these on sale. That being said here is my wishlist from both of them.


The Gabriella Sweater Dress, $198


Gretchen Dress, $98



Cassie Dress in this color and black. I have two already and love them both……. and this one is only $88

Now for the Sperry’s

I am in need of some flats. As of now I only have one pair and they are white. I feel like the black could go with so much and I love the brown glitter. I am more of a brown girl than a black girl.  On the Sperry website they are $79. But when they are on RueLaLa they are less expensive and more in my budget.


This is the Hayden Women’s Loafer………..

Its brown and I think I need a pair of loafer in my wardrobe to go with more stuff and instantly dress things up.

And on the Sperry Website they are $85, and same thing with RueLaLa.


So there you go my wishlist for my professional wardrobe.

What I am Loving Wednesday

 Untitled picture
My Parents got the family plan so therefore that included me. I just love it. It’s a great break in between studying and writing internship applications. And working on my senior thesis. Its fun and it allows you take a break while not allowing your brain to shut off completely. I know I have a problem getting back to studying and whatnot after I take breaks like naps.
2. Luke Bryan’s New Album “ Crash My Party”
Luke Bryan New CD
Its been on repeat since I got it. Its on my IPhone and its on my computer I listen to it at least once a day.
3. My White Flats
I’ve been wearing these more often. This is major because I basically used to live in cowboy boots and then last year I got Sperry’s and fell in love. But these go with everything and I have had them since Senior Year of High School I think I finally broke them in so that may have something to do with it. Change is good sometimes.

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