Blog-Tember Challenge: My ideal Day

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My ideal day would first consist of me feeling awesome, this is important because it doesn’t seem to happen very often. #DBAProblems #Spoonie #DBA #IHateNeedlesToo  I would then have a slow morning in which I would spend the morning reading and doing Bible Study. I would go outside until lunch and eat outside.
Recent Family Adventures 

An adventure with my sister to Mayfield Dairy
mmmm , Ice Cream 

Stanford Stadium; Between the Hedges
Go DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!! 

 Then I would love to go somewhere with my family or friends. Another facet of my idea day would be wandering around a bookstore all day and then get coffee or some other type of food and discuss politics with someone who actually knows what is going on in the world.
 I would then love to find someone to watch some of Harry Potter movies with me. I would love to end the day with either ice cream or coffee and hanging out with my family or friends. 
I would say Im easy to please…………nature, family and friends, book , adventure and food and i am content.
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And the Job Search Continues

So here’s a confession I really have no idea what to do on this whole job thing. Yes I have perfected my resume, yes i have applied to every job available it seems. And yes I know I am qualified because I know I can be awesome at whatever it is. That being said I just applied to like 6 jobs. They are all like first time jobs and i kinda feel like I should be doing more real world stuff, ok more stuff applicable to my major. And this among other things currently going on inside in my head. Thats all for now. Now its time for Beauty and the Beast because I am Belle, duh.

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