Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

1. For people that give blood. I just had to get my , I believe second blood transfusion of the year yesterday. I feel much better, that’s all that matters. I don’t feel confortable going into more detail right now. But lets just say I have my rosy cheeks color back and no longer look like a vampire.

2. For people who will send me my phone back when I forget it in Orlando Florida about two weeks ago. That would be why there was a lack of posts for about a week.

3. My family who will stop everything when I need blood and stuff so that I get as soon as possible.

Monday Motivation


This is something that I need to work on. That’s why Thankful Thursday is one of my favorite posts to write. It makes me sit down and think and see that there is always something to be thankful for no matter how small.

And if you are single in this wonderful month of February try to remember that you do have people that love you and care for you no matter if you have a boyfriend or not. AND TRUST ME I KNOW HOW HARD IT CAN BE TO WAIT AND WHATNOT.

Thankful Thursday

1. Music…….. because it explains my emotions so much better than I can ever. Yes, I actually have them, even though I act like don’t. For that I have my reasons…mostly being what is their use?

2. My education- Lame as that sounds. These past four and half years have taught me so much and I have met some amazing people along way. It has definitely solidified my passion politics. I mean I knew in sophomore year of high school when I took a trip there with my class. And my AP US History teacher who would go on about ATF and ICE…….I enjoyed every minute of it.

Sure, right now I have no idea what my job is going to be after I graduate or my plans after. But I am sure somehow someway I am going to make a difference. Given all the hell I get about the government from my father………..Ill figure out a way. Cause end of story.

3. All my new twitter conservative girls……..who I am not even sure who you all are. basically that convo saved my sanity.

4. Blogging. It has kinda changed my perspective on stuff and made me actually sit down and think, and then write my thoughts logically. That process would be great to happen for any of the papers I am currently writing.

5. Family and Friends – The select few that I have when it comes to friends- I wouldn’t trade them for anything. This kinda goes back to all the awesome people I have met these past four and half years. And for the ones I have known since 7th grade who no matter how long its been since we talked we pick up right where we left off. And even though in these conversations it seems I have all the #awkward stories. #StoryOfMyLife

And family— Well we have our differences and rough patches but I know you only want what is best for me. Wouldn’t trade them for anything either.

Thankful Thursday

 ITS THANKSGIVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. So that means time with family. I haven’t gotten to see them a lot this semester. Although I have only been home a day, I’m happy and excited. Us girls are already cooking. I will be after I make these posts. But Thanksgiving means lots of food of which I am thankful and traditions such as the PARADE.

3. Food, Family and Traditions- Mostly Mashed Potatoes, and the PARADE.




Thankful Thursday

Sorry I am slacking on posts.

1. My friends. I feel like this in every post but it has made me realize that I actually have amazing friends. Getting together , even to do little things does amazing things for my mood and my motivation, most of the time. I mean minus last night when I ran into some friends at Chick-Fil-A and ended up going to Improv at the coffee shop. It was the first time I had gone this year and figured… im graduating so yeah. So basically just talking to some for like 5 mins does miracles.

2. My family. They have been relatively understanding about me not going home because if I go I want to spend time with them, and not do homework. And my sister said she missed me and that made me go and look at pictures for an hour and miss her even more.

3. The fact that I had an interview yesterday( I am writing this on friday) whoops.

Thankful Thursday

These posts have really helped me to realize that no matter how hard it gets I still have things to be thankful for. And more and more often they are not things but people instead. And I know it’s November and now starts the time when everyone remmebers what they are thankful for…….but it should be something we do all the time and not just once a year on Thanksgiving.

1. My friends.

Like tonight me and my one friend are both seniors and both stressed out the max so we both went and got Mexican. It helped. Its good to let loose sometimes and then just come back to things. Like for me writing has been hard I have had writers block to the upteenth millionth degree.

2. My Mom

She always just wants to know I am ok because she knows my tendency to go all into things like everything and then just forget to the basic things like eat and sleep. And in doing so I get myself into trouble in the long run, which is probably what is happening now with this massive migraine and major writers block.

3. This blog even though it only hits like 2 people at this point. I know I am not always on top of posting things, like last week was the perfect example and for that I am sorry. I just want to help as many people as possible. I hope that someone is somehow touched by what I write and that it impacts someone’s life in a positive way. That’s all I really want out of life. To be able to say that I am able to make a difference for the better.

4. The fact that I just found my Nana’s pearls. I had missing them since beginning of the semester and it was driving me crazy. Its just good to have them back them remind me of her and make me feel close to her although she has left us.

5. The fact that people want to adopt and that I was able to be a part of one baby girls life by being part of, second hand of an adoption. (I feel a post coming on about this soon , lol )

6. Blood drives A. That I have the ability to help out with them and B. That my school does them and people are willing to give.

7. Oh and that I FINALLY went to my FIRST ever CR Meeting. Sure I am a little late on that and about to graduate but oh well. The chance to talk to like minded people and people who understand things like watching CSPAN and getting very into the outcome of the government shutdown is such a blessing. Right now I don’t have a lot of people to do that with and its kind of a hard thing for me. Someone would come in handy while I am writing this damn Senior thesis because then I would have someone to bounce ideas off, I found out that really helps and could need all the help I can get because right now I am so behind on that. Like should have had a rough draft Monday, still don’t have one or anything written than my sources.

Thankful Thursday

1. Books and that I can buy them. I recently bought a whole bunch of new books and can not wait to read them. They are Politics related but that’s kinda a given with me. Its my major and I believe what I want to do with my life( that keeps changing but I am set on the politics part)


2. For people believing in me as I apply to internships and do research because its harder than it looks. Yes, we do not have to memorize stuff be have to read and then process and then process that in relation to our thesis and then write an original thought. Its hard. I love it though.

3. Fall Break and finally being able to catch up on some reading and also FINALLY FINALLY apply to internships. Cover Letters get tedious after writing almost the same thing multiple times.

Thankful Thursday

Because well I just go through my days and never really take the time to think about all the awesome stuff I have going for me or the people or opportunities I have presented with:

  1. The retreat that I had two weeks ago. It was with my campus ministry that I am a part of it, it was the annual Fall retreat that I have gone every year since Freshman year and in the process made some great friends and also realized jus how great God is and that he in fact has a plan.
  2. My Roommates; Like I have had roommates in all my other years but we never really got along we just functioned enough to not kill each other. They care about me and worry about me when I get into some of my bad habits; They aren’t that bad but they are just what happens when I get too involved in my work . That’s another post,
  3. Girls Group and how it makes me focus on what is really important. That being no matter what career I pursue or job I land after graduation is that we have a purpose and God is amazing and wants what is best for us. He wants all of his daughters to feel like they are wanted cause they are and He wants us to fall in love with him like he has with us. We should run to him instead of others and just trust in him and fall into his hands and he will protect us and let us rest.
  4. People like Rand Paul, and the Speaker of House……that they are willing to fight for the liberties that our country was founded upon. That we still have some politicians who are fighting for what the founders fought so hard to get and will not back down. ( I am a Political Science Major so I am following the news and CSPAN for the government shut down like its my job cause it kinda is) Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and no one else’s.
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