May Goals 2017

Well Funny story, It is now June 19th and is just now posting this. I apparently wrote it and saved it in my drafts instead of it actually posting. Well, you live, and you learn.



So for April Goals It was busy and I got sick so that is why they are not posted and there is no recap as to what I accomplished because it was a whole lot of nada. That being said its a new month and It’s time to make it happen in May. I do these goals to help keep me accountable and so I am guaranteed to have at least one post per month on this blog.

So Here we go…………

Monthly Goals

  1. Finish applying for Social Security Benefits, Medicaid, and Snap. #ChronicIllnessProblems #Idontlikeit
  2. Buy a domain, hosting, and WordPress site and transfer from Blogger. 
  3. Get 20 credits at work
  4. Work on and implement a content plan for the next 6 months.
  5. Productivity Challenge( 14 days), Lazy Girl Productivity Course
  6. Have a meeting or two about setting up young adult group at my church
  7. Finally, send that damn letter
  8. Make and Keep monthly savings and Budget Plan
  9. Figure out numbers for Blog and monetizing it
  10. Celebrate Mother’s Day with my Mom 
  11. Blog Learning Wishlist
  12. Traffic Challenge
  13. Currently debating signing up for Branding Challenge – 4 weeks, 150 possible $1000 prize- Lighthouse LLC
  14. Complete SBB Checklist to Launch by June 15th

Weekly Goals

  1. Get 2 Credits a shift at work per shift
  2. Post 4x a week
  3. Post Clothes to BST/Poshmark
  4. Have Blog Office Hours 10 hours a week
  5. Read one book a week that is not Game of Thrones
  6. Keep Room / Bathroom Clean
  7. Pay Down Debt
  8. Complete SBB Checklist to Launch by June 15th – Do a little each week
  9. Complete Paperwork for SS, Snap, and Medicaid 3 hours a week

Daily Goals

  1. Drink 2 Waterbottles Daily
  2. Morning Routine- Update it with Productivity Challenge and actually do it
  3. Be active 30 minutes a Day
  4. No TV/ Phone after 10 pm
  5. Work on Blog 2 hours a day
  6. Read a Book for 30 mins
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Better Late than Never; June Goal Updates

Well i have had my powersheets done for a couple of days , but truthfully I haven’t exactly looked at them since then although they are on my wall. I know i have kept up with some of the daily tasks and worked on some of the bigger monthly goals.

Monthly Goals:

  1. Read 4 Books
  2. Work Through #BlogBoss and come up with Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Plan for this little blog
  3. 30 day Savings Plan- You put however much the date is for the day. Say its the 5th , you put $5 in. Or in my case transfer from Checking to Savings.
  4. Write my Editorial Calendar 3 months out
  5. Make an Inspiration Board and Keep it Visible
  6. Budget and Time Bill paying so i can pay off Debt
  7. Figure out Blog Expenses and Living Expenses
  8. Work on Saving Money
  9. Post Clothes to Poshmark and Buy/Sell/ Trade Groups

Weekly Goals:

  1. Track Time to figure out where I am wasting time so i better use my time effectively
  2. Pay Off Kohl’s and Capital One
  3. Office Hours for Blog (10 hours a Week)
  4. Work on a schedule for batching- Writing, Linking, Photos , Social Media Scheduling
  5. Accountability Group for Blog
  6. Keep Room/ Bathroom Clean

Daily Goals:

  1. Figure out and Implement a Morning Routine
  2. Move for 30 mins daily
  3. 30 Day Saving Challenge
  4. Office Hours for Blog 2 Hours a day
  5. Janeau
  6. Sleep Machine

Make March Happen

I am determined to make March Happen this year. It feels like I have new slate since I have started using #Powersheets and my #simplifiedplanner. It has taken me a long time to get here because I have had to come to terms with parts of myself I have been avoiding, like my relationship with fear , and being enough. I have a lot of resources that have helped me throughout this time which I will talk about later in another post but for now my March Goals.
1. Finish Make it Happen by Lara Casey. I am about 30 pages into it and it is already shaking up world.
2. Read 2 other books. I have recently rediscovered reading and am once again falling in love with it. I loved it as a kid and now I love it once again and have found a couple of fantasy series which I am loving along with some Christian Development Books.Books on my list include: Lean In, The Best Yes, Lets all Be Brave, 20 Something, 20 Everything, Zen and the Art of Happiness, and Bittersweet.
3. Work on my blog more consistently and write more posts.
4. Find another Part time job. My job now has been giving me crazy not steady hours and I need a more steady income.
5. Go outside my comfort zone. I have finally accepted the fact that if anything is to change I must be willing to go outside my comfort zone and try stuff I haven’t done before and take chances again.
6. Get my license soon. This has been harder than I thought it would/ should be. I just have to believe in myself and work on my anxiety.
7. Work on starting my own business. This has been in the works for a while. I have all the materials I just need to take the leap and start making them and getting the word out about what I sell.
That’s all for now. As I was writing I thought of #MakeMarchHappen. So here’s to making March Happen and kick starting a life of purpose.
8. Start on the contentment Challenge. It is something that has been on my heart to do for about a year but i haven’t taken the leap yet because I know its going to be hard, and Lilly Pulitzer is my weakness. It seems I always find a way to rationalize some purchase. Its gonna be hard but I can do it.

Where Ive been

Where I have been: Well I’ve been in between jobs and health problems. I’ve been working on myself and not exactly ready to show the world.  I have to work on being daring and brave.  This means I just have to do it.

#VowVoxBox Review : EcoTools Facial Sponge

The first product I am reviewing is from @EcoTools

EcoTools Pure Complexion Facial Sponge:

The verdict is that I liked it. It was the first time I had ever really used a sponge to wash my face, I mostly have always used my hands. The pros are: It cleaned my face well. The Cons were that it stayed soggy and it seemed to get dirty fast. I really enjoyed it and would probably use it again soon because the buff puff I am using now is a little rough for every day uses.
“I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

Thanful Thursday

1. Its my sister  birthday today and yesterday was my parents Anniversary.

2. Its officially spring time. Que the picture of flowers and spring colors everywhere.

3. I am starting to feel better. I have good days and bad days; like today I am just really tired.

4. I have the ability to do the #SheReadsTruth bible study. The Jonah one really spoke to me.

5. That I have the chance to apply to all these internships and to grad school which I am finally starting.  

Where You Work

Considering I was planning on posting some time in the near future….I thought that I would link up with Carlee at East Coast Girl in Pearls

1. Where is your favorite workspace located? (Library, apartment, dorm room?)

My room or really any place I can spread out and people leave me alone.


2. Do you prefer a sleek desk or you more of an “organized chaos” kind of person?

I am more of an “ organized Chaos” kind of person but I love to spread out though.

2013-10-14 17.05.12


3. What is your favorite writing utensil ?

A pen.

5. Show us your agenda.

Its actually a whole lot fuller this is just the month.Its Lilly of course.


6. Just for fun. What are you most looking forward to in Spring?

Probably wearing Lilly. Yes, generic I know but it’s the truth. Its like impossible to have a bad day in Lilly Though.

March Goals – K, I am late

February Goals
Lets just say I was not as productive as i wanted to be. Getting sick really put a wrench in my plans. Lately i have been having a lot of health problems related to DBA. Ill explain DBA in another post. Lets just say it affects all parts of your life and when you go to change stuff it rocks your world
So here were my February Goals:

  1. Start Grad School Research- Check Now to just continue that and come up with a solid plan and stick to it so that i can apply in the fall. Which means first getting my info so that i can log on to my testing account. 
  2. Write One Political Post a Week- Didn’t happen. I just have to buckle down and do it. Starting with Reading Catching Fire and going into depth on that. Believe it or not there is a lot of politics in that entire series and much of it is applicable to today. 
  3. Write down concrete steps for three major Goals- Yeah, didn’t happen. But now that i am better i have much better motivation and focus for knowing what i want and how to get it. I just need to put my plan into action. 
  4. Get into a routine again- Morning and Night- I was into somewhat of a morning routine. It started with reading the #SheReadsTruth Bible study, but then i got sick and basically didn’t leave the couch for a week. 
  5. Read 2 books- Still reading the same two books i have been. I just need to stop procrastinating and tell my parents that i have stuff i need to get done and get it done. 
  6. Write/ Update my master Resume
  7. Renew Driver’s License- Didn’t happen. Got sick and then we just busy. Its not like i have a car yet anyway to learn on. That is a whole story in itself. 
  8. Organize my time better- It worked until i got sick. 
  9. Call him back- Never happened and probably never will because my timing is now too late and quite frankly i am scared to death. 
Well now thats out of the way time to recommit myself to everything i want to do and embracing this new time in my life. 
  1. Figure out what i am doing/ giving up for Lent and follow through on it. Keep myself accountable. 
  2. Workout at least twice a week. This can include doing blogilates or just walking around the track when my sister at track practice or walking around the neighborhood. 
  3. Get back in some sort of groove. Since college i have lost my groove and it upsets me. It was part of what made me so productive and on the ball. It also helped that i was able to do what i love[ politics] all the time, but its still possible to find it. I just need to find a balance and stick with it and force myself to stick to schedule no matter how much i want to stay in bed and stuff. 
  4. Call GRE to be able to get back on account so that i can go ahead with the process of applying to grad school. 
  5. Blog 3 times a week. Period. No excuses. A political post would be great too but i just need to get in a groove and stick with it. I thrive on sameness if you couldn’t tell. 
  6. Get Southern Girl Essentials up and Running. This includes an Esty shop and Insta account. And figuring out how to accept paypal. This also includes getting my prices set and samples done so i can talk to the people i plan on partnering with ASAP. ASAP as in should have been done a week ago. 
  7. Organize time better. This would make accomplishing everything so much easier. Sticking to plan would help too. 
  8. Organize and plan Grad School search and application process. This also includes writing my master resume and updating my current one. 
  9. Have a meeting with Father regarding starting a young adult group at church. 
  10. Survive until April 1st. 

Another I am sorry for not posting Post

I have been sick for at least the past week and half and before that I was getting sick for about week and needless to say that changed plans.

Like a lot of them…..blogging , personal life , professional. Just everything.

I finally got to go to my internship today , yay!!!!!!!!!!

So yes I am feeling better, which is roughly translated I have a lot of energy and ideas stored up so this post may ramble.

Yes, I still have something in the works. Yes, I should be back to blogging more than once a week. Sometimes I think my brain moved too fast for me. I think this night calls for some CSPAN. #NoShame , and I would rather listen to Ukraine stuff than the  President. I am actually wishing I got CSPAN3 – remembers I have the internet- Currently streaming #CPAC14 with Rand Paul.

Fangirl moment over.

Yeah, not sleeping tonight.

So other exciting things:

  • I get to intern next week. Only thing I am not looking forward to is the fact that I can not wear my boots. –Cue the Pictures-

– First three are my current I used to wear all the time. Ariats and about 10 yr old. Bottom would be the work appropriate boots that I want, also Ariats.

2013-10-04 12.09.192013-10-04 12.07.542013-10-16 21.20.262013-10-13 18.25.59

  • I feel better.
  • Lent has started. I am doing the #SheReadsTruth Lent bible studies. I am also adding a fruit and salad to one meal daily.
  • Even though I am not at #CPAC its cool. I have #CSPAN and things will work out for the better.
  • I am just in a good mood. Which is a change.
  • I think I am going to watch Legally Blonde with Rand Paul in the background. Back to work and the “ Real World” tomorrow. I am excited to clean the entire house and do laundry. Maybe some blogging.
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