Watching Lately

Since I am way over due to post. I thought I would tell you some of the movies and TV series I have started watching since I came home.

1. Ender’s Game


          I just saw this movie last night. It was great. The main theme seemed to be leadership; It chronicled the story a 15 yr. old boy that was destined to be the one to save the world. He had to deal with many of the challenges that kids growing up into leaders have to deal with. I particularly related to the part where he was the loner and different. The ending is a great even though it was a surprise.

2. Intelligence

This combines my two favorite things: US government and a hot guy. The main guy has a computer in his head that is connected to the information grid and therefore he can track anyone and do almost anything with a computer. He has a protection detail whose only job is to make sure he doesn’t die because now he is the most expensive piece of US intelligence, so therefore he needs to be protection. Its an interesting combination of realizing he is a person and a machine. It also has the blonde from CSI, and she is surprisingly good.


3. The Originals

I’ve loved this since I started last year. It has vampires and hot guys what is not to love. I love how both this and The Vampire Diaries go back in time. I love how seeing how the events of the past impacted the characters today and how they react to certain events. It is set in New Orleans, Louisiana  which adds character to it and makes me really want to go there now.



Monday Motivation




I recently woke up early two days to do the #SheReadsTruth Bible study and lately it has been just the extra motivation I need. It is all about #AFreshStart and how we all have one. I find it quite on point with my life right now because I just graduated college and having the ability to learn all this new stuff about how to start businesses and about interning a congressional district office. I also have the chance to start a young adult group at my church that I am more than excited about because I came from college where I had a great group of people that were my friends and I need to go and make new ones.

Ok……..I’m still alive.

I am just in the process of making my bedroom/ office since moving back from college. It is taking longer than I planned, for lots of reason. This whole being home from college for good is a change for me and my entire family. When I come back though I plan to come back in full force. So there will probably be a lot of latish posts on christmas and graduation when I do get settled in.


Cannot wait to tell ya’ll stuff.

Ya’ll are gonna have to work with me

Its been a busy month since I graduated and to say the least I am still settling in to being home and my new jobs. That being said……….. New stuff coming on the blog ASAP. I hope to be posting by Monday. And Ill be announcing stuff in the near future. I am still trying to get back into the groove and dealing with stuff that comes with moving onto the next chapter of my life.


But I am still alive and cannot wait to tell ya’ll about my holidays.

Monday Motivation

Finals———Expect motivation to be all my posts are this week. Too many papers, too many emotions. Just put on foot in front of the other and write or study and you just do it.
I should take my own advice and finish this damn paper.

My first ever Southern Brand Post–Luxley and Bernard

So when Luxley and Bernard asked me to help advertise for their Black Friday Sale I was excited. I love all these Southern/ Lifestyle Brands and their icon of the elephant is just adorable.


They are releasing three long sleeve shirts, and they are adorable. I love the dog on the back of three of them. I am probably going to end up getting the American flag one because I cannot resist something with the Flag on it, the bowties add a cute touch to it.


This is the Bowtie Tee – $30                      Best Dressed in Red- $30


 Perfection Tee- $30           Best Dressed in Green-$30

These are available for purchase tomorrow on Black Friday, the 29th.

They also have a deal where if you buy three shirts – you get a polo in the same size.

Other Things I am in love with on their website–


These KeyFobs- They are $11.50

And their Belle Caps are adorable……I am totally not a hat person but they are cute with their logo and the awesome colors.


That’s all the deals I have for you from Luxley and Bernard. If you order something and heard it from me: Tag me and them in a tweet saying you bought something.

My Twitter Handle is: @PoliticswPearls , and Thiers is: @LuxleyBernard

Picture Spam………….

Of Washington DC because in the past week I have basically realized that I have never really wanted anything more. And an extra dose of motivation for me while I wait to hear back.



My current lock screen. #SorryNotSorry


Someone want to get me this shirt………….that would be great.


And this is my home screen…….#SorryNotSorry


My new favorite bow…….Signing of the Declaration of Independence.

#PoliticsNerdProblems #freedom

What I am loving Friday Edition


Thank you Spotify for reminding me he exists. Love his new CD, Ready Set Roll. Ready Set Roll is my new favorite song and love Look at my Truck. How She Rolls is one of his older songs and I have loved it forever because it just describes my life.


2. Chick-Fil-A

Pretty sure I have had it three times this week. And I may have a problem…….I google mapped DC to find a Chick-Fi-A.

3. This hairbow


#PoliticalScienceNerdProblems And good things just seem to happen when I wear it. Like getting my interview yesterday. And yep, am writing this on Friday instead of Wednesday.

4. This playlist…….Lauren Alaina, Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan,  Love and Theft, Chase Rice, Thomas Rhett.

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