What Im Loving right now……………….

  1. My new computer. It actually works longer than 10 mins and I don’t have to  worry about it loosing my work. Its an HP and I love it. 
  2. That goes on to say that I’m loving Spotify. I am normally pretty predictable with my music tastes, but every once in  a while I get tired of everything on my Itunes. So ya’ll should tell me new music. I am open to anything. 
  3. MY LILLY PLANNER. It is basically attached to me at all times. Between school and job applying I have to be organized. And that I am. 
  4. Essie Nail Polish. I finally decided to get one last week and of course had to get another one this week. I love painting my nails its a great stress reliever and of course I have plenty of that this year. 

Senior Year: Take Two

So yeah, I have no written since the summer. Sorry, to whomever actually reads this. So I’ve been in school for three weeks and am just now starting to get back in the groove of things. Its just been a rough beginning of the semester. But anyway, Im now organized and have a plan. If you know anything about me; I love to plan. Sometimes I have a hard time putting that plan into action. But this week I have finally been able to do it and it has been wonderful.

So  what I have been up to is:
A. Getting better. Thats a long story im not going into right now.
B. Organizing. This includes my school stuff and my job search stuff.
C. Finally playing catch up on all the school work i missed when i was sick.

So basically I’ve been in survival mode and am ready to get out of it.

Do ya’ll want to see how i stay on top of everything and how I am organized for school. Goal for this semester is to be ready for the real world after i graduate. More on that later.

Find the person who makes you better

I think last semester was one of the best ones ever. Even though i had like two blood transfusions and stuff. But its amazing how meeting one person can make you a better person……like I would have not had the , excuse my language , Balls, to some of things I have done lately. Like Messaging this person who has like my dream job to be my mentor, or going straight into the Chamber of Commerce to ask for an internship, or to top it all off…..being able to have the guts to say some of the comebacks I think of to my father. Yeah, that last one has never happened. It feels good.
Point being, just to be able to ask for what you want to complete strangers is a skill and you also never know if you don’t ask. It is good to be upfront with people but its also good to always be yourself. Take ideas from people but always stick to being yourself, becuase…..now its quote time.

Why be a second rate version of anyone else

Be yourself. Because those that matter wont care and those don’t matter are irrelevant.


So when you finally do figure out what the heck you want to do with your life….it hits you like a brick wall. So Ive thought I knew what i wanted but then after a lot of people saying you should do that. Im not saying what is it on here, because I haven’t told a lot of people but I am sure, like calming knowing feeling. Its more than just it fits me perfectly but its more like I  feel like I have a chance of doing of it and i havent felt this calm and confident since I knew where my college is located is where i belong, that was second semester freshman year and I have said it multiple times.
And now that I know what I want to do with my life I really want to just get to the living of it part. I also have an idea for my Senior Thesis, that I am going to do even if I cant do it for my Senior Thesis. When I do it I get to use all my skills. I know its gonna be hard and I am probably going to question my sanity at least three times while writing it, but anyway.

New Found Freedom……Kinda

Well I am stuck at home this summer and trying to find a job. And its very tiring and what not but what has been getting me through has been my sister. I love her and would do anything for her, no matter how much she annoys me. That’s an entire post in itself. But what i wanted to say is that yesterday I just had it , like leave me the heck alone and let me work, kinda had it, so i went to the pool.
Im not an athlete. I am not a swimmer. But I decided to just swim a few laps. It wore me out and took all my excess energy out and I did not end up blowing up. So yeah.Needless to say I think I found a way to work out that I actually enjoy. I think I shall try to do it everyday and hopefully itll help me get in shape. When I get back to school I dont know what I am going to do. Actually that’s one big giant question mark.

Mostly Job

I need a job. I want one i like. I am ready to have one. Like i know that i will be awesome at it. I am a quick learner. I have no idea what I want to do. I want to go into Politics , that is obvious. I also know that i want to work in state and local poltiics because that way i feel like i am making a difference. Or there is the I can always go into Non-Profits. I am and have always been passionate about service and Girl Scouts. I could always go and talk to the person i know at the DBA foundation and use that as a mentor.
Or I can always get on some campagin. Help. When i get back to school for I am just going to give my resume everywhere and hope and pray. Until then……..I have no idea. I really feel like just like giving all thoughts about all these things happening in politics…

So yeah. Heres to my first post. The next one is probably going to be on Captivating.

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