What I am Loving Wednesday

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. My family- This is a new arrangement for all of us. I know its difficult and like any family we are going to have days when we hate or strongly dislike the other person , but I know that they want to help me and love me. And I know they are trying to get to me to have a positive outlook all the time but its hard and I am trying. Its been fun doing stuff with my mom lately that while I was at college we didn’t get to do; I feel like maybe we are getting along better. My sister is trying to help in any way she can even though she is only twelve and my me and my dad are talking more (kinda) so I guess you can call that an improvement. All I know is that I do love them and thankful for what opportunities they have provided me with and I really do try to not make anyone angry its just really hard sometimes.

2.My internship



3. Scandal – The Politics of this show is AWESOME. ITS IN DC. Im in love. The president isn’t too bad looking  either.

What I am loving Wednesday or How I am surviving Finals

1. The Sound of Music LIVE !




So yes I am slightly obsessed. It all started over Thanksgiving break when we watched “ The Making of the Sound Of Music LIVE “ . I just fell in love with the Von Trapp Children and what is not to love about Carrie Underwood, Have you heard her sing.

The music is oddly reassuring and being totally relatable. It is just so pretty and relaxing.

Let’s see- Maria- Totally Relate , Sound of Music- totally related, Sixteen going on Seventeen- totally relate.

Basically in love with the soundtrack and cannot wait to watch it. It is of the Broadway version, which I helped with backstage for my high school when we did it.

2. This sums of how I deal with emotion. I am a highly logical person, sometimes to a flaw. And in some way this helped me to come to some logic about it. That is for another post.


3, Any Form of Caffeine and Chick Fil A

I am currently drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper. That’s all.


So this basically should have been a links I am loving post……whoops. I have one of those coming.

What I am Loving Wednesday

1. http://www.lumousnosity.com
 Untitled picture
My Parents got the family plan so therefore that included me. I just love it. It’s a great break in between studying and writing internship applications. And working on my senior thesis. Its fun and it allows you take a break while not allowing your brain to shut off completely. I know I have a problem getting back to studying and whatnot after I take breaks like naps.
2. Luke Bryan’s New Album “ Crash My Party”
Luke Bryan New CD
Its been on repeat since I got it. Its on my IPhone and its on my computer I listen to it at least once a day.
3. My White Flats
I’ve been wearing these more often. This is major because I basically used to live in cowboy boots and then last year I got Sperry’s and fell in love. But these go with everything and I have had them since Senior Year of High School I think I finally broke them in so that may have something to do with it. Change is good sometimes.

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