My first ever Southern Brand Post–Luxley and Bernard

So when Luxley and Bernard asked me to help advertise for their Black Friday Sale I was excited. I love all these Southern/ Lifestyle Brands and their icon of the elephant is just adorable.


They are releasing three long sleeve shirts, and they are adorable. I love the dog on the back of three of them. I am probably going to end up getting the American flag one because I cannot resist something with the Flag on it, the bowties add a cute touch to it.


This is the Bowtie Tee – $30                      Best Dressed in Red- $30


 Perfection Tee- $30           Best Dressed in Green-$30

These are available for purchase tomorrow on Black Friday, the 29th.

They also have a deal where if you buy three shirts – you get a polo in the same size.

Other Things I am in love with on their website–


These KeyFobs- They are $11.50

And their Belle Caps are adorable……I am totally not a hat person but they are cute with their logo and the awesome colors.


That’s all the deals I have for you from Luxley and Bernard. If you order something and heard it from me: Tag me and them in a tweet saying you bought something.

My Twitter Handle is: @PoliticswPearls , and Thiers is: @LuxleyBernard

Thankful Thursday

 ITS THANKSGIVING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. So that means time with family. I haven’t gotten to see them a lot this semester. Although I have only been home a day, I’m happy and excited. Us girls are already cooking. I will be after I make these posts. But Thanksgiving means lots of food of which I am thankful and traditions such as the PARADE.

3. Food, Family and Traditions- Mostly Mashed Potatoes, and the PARADE.




Confession: My faith has always been lacking

And this has been one of the hardest four years ever. It has challenged me with my family, my friends and just in generally. I am generally a type A control freak kinda person. I have grown up mostly in a Catholic family. I went to Baptist school…………..I have heard it all. I know in my head more than my heart that I do not need to worry about my future and that I will end up where I belong. Its just hard.

And another thing that is hard for me to phantom is that someone actually wants me to be happy and wants the best for me. Its hard for me to understand………Its also hard for me to understand how I do not have to gain someone’s love. That’s how its been my entire life. It just happens that is part of the reason I work my butt off. But then again something that I want is to get a job. Its hard for me to believe people when they appear to have their life together…..or at least have a job because I have been looking for a job- anything for about three years. And when people say to wait about having a job and that eventually the right guy will come along at the right time…..I AM TIRED OF WAITING. And Quite frankly seriously doubt God right now.

So sorry I am little hard to trust him— I cant see him, I can barley trust people I meet. So yeah. I am seriously doubting he knows what is best for me and wants what is best for me , where has he been since like 2008?? Seems to be nonexistent.


So all that being said…….I am gonna try and trust him. I mean things are looking better with my family. That and I am a logical person and it goes against logic. I am difficult and subborn and I know it.

Picture Spam………….

Of Washington DC because in the past week I have basically realized that I have never really wanted anything more. And an extra dose of motivation for me while I wait to hear back.



My current lock screen. #SorryNotSorry


Someone want to get me this shirt………….that would be great.


And this is my home screen…….#SorryNotSorry


My new favorite bow…….Signing of the Declaration of Independence.

#PoliticsNerdProblems #freedom

Monday Motivation


This could not describe this semester any better. I am so close to hopefully landing a great internship but the process between applications and my classes is basically got me loosing my mind. Like right now I am currently trying to write something that was due 2 weeks ago( Hopefully when this posts I will have it done).

I love writing I love connecting things but at this point I am to the point of brain dead and in kind of need of a miracle. Between just graduation stuff I am going crazy and I cannot tell you how many times I am on the verge of tears due to stress.

This is comforting because right now I am totally loosing my mind although I am following my heard although I know its not what my parents want but I want……..which is a congressional internship in DC.


I am absolutely horrible at it. I am waiting to hear back from so many internships including the one I had the interview for. And I keep checking my email like every hour on the hour. And because I do not like not knowing I keep applying but if given the opportunity I would totally accept the one that seems most promising.
What makes it so hard is that basically I have slowly realized over this semester that I have never really wanted anything more. And that I just feel like its where I belong, crazy as that sounds, Washington DC.
Until I hear back I have a couple more internships to apply to, two papers to write, a Spanish test to study for………… I have stuff to keep me busy but its so hard when you feel like you are so close to something that you have wanted for ever, or at least until sophomore year of high school.
And I have to not get ahead of myself……… may be a little late for that. I already spent two hours on google maps exploring DC.

I just checked my email again……Its all I have been doing. And I am now waiting to hear back from three different internships. But oddly enough I am really relaxed and feel like i could sleep all weekend, but unfortunately i cannot. I have stuff I need to be doing…..but i keep checking my email. I am not supposed to hear anything till next week.

This is harder than I thought it would be.

What I am loving Friday Edition


Thank you Spotify for reminding me he exists. Love his new CD, Ready Set Roll. Ready Set Roll is my new favorite song and love Look at my Truck. How She Rolls is one of his older songs and I have loved it forever because it just describes my life.


2. Chick-Fil-A

Pretty sure I have had it three times this week. And I may have a problem…….I google mapped DC to find a Chick-Fi-A.

3. This hairbow


#PoliticalScienceNerdProblems And good things just seem to happen when I wear it. Like getting my interview yesterday. And yep, am writing this on Friday instead of Wednesday.

4. This playlist…….Lauren Alaina, Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan,  Love and Theft, Chase Rice, Thomas Rhett.

Thankful Thursday

Sorry I am slacking on posts.

1. My friends. I feel like this in every post but it has made me realize that I actually have amazing friends. Getting together , even to do little things does amazing things for my mood and my motivation, most of the time. I mean minus last night when I ran into some friends at Chick-Fil-A and ended up going to Improv at the coffee shop. It was the first time I had gone this year and figured… im graduating so yeah. So basically just talking to some for like 5 mins does miracles.

2. My family. They have been relatively understanding about me not going home because if I go I want to spend time with them, and not do homework. And my sister said she missed me and that made me go and look at pictures for an hour and miss her even more.

3. The fact that I had an interview yesterday( I am writing this on friday) whoops.

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