Wishlist Wednesday : Lilly Pulitzer and Sperry Topsider

If I have two favorite brands it has to be Lilly and Sperry’s. They are both so confortable. And given I am about to enter the business world and in my opinion , my wardrobe is seriously lacking, I find myself on the RueLala website when they have either of these on sale. That being said here is my wishlist from both of them.


The Gabriella Sweater Dress, $198


Gretchen Dress, $98



Cassie Dress in this color and black. I have two already and love them both……. and this one is only $88

Now for the Sperry’s

I am in need of some flats. As of now I only have one pair and they are white. I feel like the black could go with so much and I love the brown glitter. I am more of a brown girl than a black girl.  On the Sperry website they are $79. But when they are on RueLaLa they are less expensive and more in my budget.


This is the Hayden Women’s Loafer………..

Its brown and I think I need a pair of loafer in my wardrobe to go with more stuff and instantly dress things up.

And on the Sperry Website they are $85, and same thing with RueLaLa.


So there you go my wishlist for my professional wardrobe.

Extra Dose of Motivation

This is how I feel right now. Like I can barley keep my head above the water but I also feel that all my work will pay off in the end. But right now its all falling apart around me and I am in one big giant mystery of where is my life going. And that maybe just maybe the past three years of hell in various ways will all be worth it and its my turn for stuff to go right.
I have applied and not gotten so many jobs in the past three years its getting to me. They were more just filler jobs until I got out of college and now I am applying for what I think I really want and I just want it to work out. Because I am running out of ideas, steam and motivation.
So just keep holding on, doing my best with out stressing too much and just wait. As hard as it is that is what I need to do. So here’s to saying some prayers and leaving it all up to God who has a plan that is far better than I could ever imagine.

Thankful Thursday

These posts have really helped me to realize that no matter how hard it gets I still have things to be thankful for. And more and more often they are not things but people instead. And I know it’s November and now starts the time when everyone remmebers what they are thankful for…….but it should be something we do all the time and not just once a year on Thanksgiving.

1. My friends.

Like tonight me and my one friend are both seniors and both stressed out the max so we both went and got Mexican. It helped. Its good to let loose sometimes and then just come back to things. Like for me writing has been hard I have had writers block to the upteenth millionth degree.

2. My Mom

She always just wants to know I am ok because she knows my tendency to go all into things like everything and then just forget to the basic things like eat and sleep. And in doing so I get myself into trouble in the long run, which is probably what is happening now with this massive migraine and major writers block.

3. This blog even though it only hits like 2 people at this point. I know I am not always on top of posting things, like last week was the perfect example and for that I am sorry. I just want to help as many people as possible. I hope that someone is somehow touched by what I write and that it impacts someone’s life in a positive way. That’s all I really want out of life. To be able to say that I am able to make a difference for the better.

4. The fact that I just found my Nana’s pearls. I had missing them since beginning of the semester and it was driving me crazy. Its just good to have them back them remind me of her and make me feel close to her although she has left us.

5. The fact that people want to adopt and that I was able to be a part of one baby girls life by being part of, second hand of an adoption. (I feel a post coming on about this soon , lol )

6. Blood drives A. That I have the ability to help out with them and B. That my school does them and people are willing to give.

7. Oh and that I FINALLY went to my FIRST ever CR Meeting. Sure I am a little late on that and about to graduate but oh well. The chance to talk to like minded people and people who understand things like watching CSPAN and getting very into the outcome of the government shutdown is such a blessing. Right now I don’t have a lot of people to do that with and its kind of a hard thing for me. Someone would come in handy while I am writing this damn Senior thesis because then I would have someone to bounce ideas off, I found out that really helps and could need all the help I can get because right now I am so behind on that. Like should have had a rough draft Monday, still don’t have one or anything written than my sources.

What I’m loving Wednesday

1. This shirt. It’s comfy and making me feel better given I feel like everything is coming down around me. 

2.this song that keeps coming up on my iTunes Radio. 

3.My pretty campus. I’m gonna miss it when I graduate. Yesterday I was suffering writersblock and just sick of it. So therefore I just took a break and went outside and just enjoyed it.

4. Coffee.  I’m pretty sure there is not a week this doesn’t make the list. 

5. My mommy and friends getting me through this migraine and writersblock. 

An Extra Dose of Motivation: Saturday Edition

Needed while I write the first draft of my Senior Thesis. And the fact that I turned in 5 Congressional Internship Applications and that I still have some more to do and that quite frankly I have no idea where I am going to end up and an am scared to death I will not get a job.




This is a reminder to just chill about my job applications and see what happens. I also have an interview with Disney College Program on Monday. #SoTheresThat


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I was planning on catching up `yesterday…..on both the blog and in school. Instead I just ended up catching up on sleep and watching Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries all day. #Whoops.

It was needed. I just woke up and went back to sleep and ended up sleeping 13 hours. That is something I never do. Like, EVER. So needless to say I was tired. I am feeling much better and feel like I can take on my to do list. I’ve been so busy lately, I don’t even want to look at my to-do list.

Well I’m gonna start looking and research and be productive till the UGA/ FLA game. Go DAWGS. Its on CBS at 3:30 in case you didn’t know.

Monday Motivation


Well this just fits. Latley and well always I haven’t been the best prayer person in the world. Now worrying, I got that down to science. But if I have learned anything in the past semester its to worry less and pray as cliché as that sounds.

But in the past month I have had a lot of stuff going on; mostly related to graduating and money and my future. All big things that I seemed like no one else got. I started going to counseling and as you saw in my last post God has been trying to get my attention to just chill do my best and the rest will work out.

That’s what I am doing. And for some odd reason I feel content and not worried. I just finished my #SeniorThesis presentation, yay one thing off my list.

I really hope I can actually live this out. Its hard but really when you have no else to talk to He wants to know. Everything. Let it all out and just let it Go and let God.

Be Where you are………

I think I finally get it. After a lot of what I call “signs” I get it. I shouldn’t worry about the future because I have a God who already knows how it is going to go and it will end up being better than anything I can imagine. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t work and try your hardest and do everything you can do to make it succeed. But its important to know that you are not in this alone and that no mater what you will end up where you belong and doing what you love, which in my case is politics.


And if those signs weren’t enough I had people try and get me to get it on Tuesday and then it came up on girls group on Friday and then this morning at the Potato Drop with my Church Group and Sorority someone just said how, “ Or maybe it wont happen and you will learn to trust God.” . I guess you can say that is when it hit me.

Because right now I am in the middle of applying to internships in Washington DC and locally to all these really awesome places… and at the same time I am also dealing with health issues that seem to not want to go away and making me feel like crap.

That being said today and yesterday I have truly embraced the thought of be where you are with what you are given and kinda given myself a relaxing / do nothing kind of day because I could really think of not moving due to “ #IHateBeingAGirl” . Which also means bring on the coffee, chocolate, and the Vampire Diaries.

And oddly enough I feel relaxed although I am kinda a typical broke college student and I have a major trip coming up I am going to need some divine intervention for it to work. But in the nearer future I am presenting my #SeniorThesis which I haven’t even began to think about solidly other than having a slight outline.

I feel oddly assured that its all gonna be ok. And I really like the sound of me tapping away on the keys on my keyboard. Just take it all in and enjoy the ride, embrace where you are, what you are doing and who you are with. Because you can never get it back.

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