Thankful Thursday

1. Friends that care and want to help. The same goes for family. Although they may not be helping in the way you want them to they are trying to and that is all that really matters. This is something I need to remember more. People only worry because they care and you may feel like you don’t need help when in fact you do and most of the times if you just accept it, it will be easier for both you and them.

2. New friends

Friends you kinda knew but never really talked to or eventually come to show they care and only want what is best for you. I guess you can say this goes back to the first one. Friends and family basically make the world a better place to live with and they help you when you need it and help encourage you and want you to do what is best for you. That’s it.

3. That I can say that I am applying to Congressional Internships. It makes me happy because I just feel like I know I am supposed to be in politics and I am on the brink of finally being there.

What I am Loving Wednesday

1. The fact that this small town finally got a Dunkin.I love them and it reminds me of my roots……..Chicago.


Its coffee. Nuff said. I am sure there is nothing that coffee can not cure. Whether it be a bad day , girl stuff, being tired, just one too many things going wrong. It always seems like coffee can make it better. How? I have no idea it just kinda does.

2. It is finally Peacoat and Boots Season. I mean its always boot season for me, but now like everyone else is wearing them too. I just love my boots. Boots are kinda my weakness. I mean I love Sperry’s …..Like they are the best things ever but they don’t give me the confidence that boots do. They are my favorite shoes ever and I have had them for about 10+ years. One cannot go wrong with Ariat.



College Prep: And then there was rest.

College Prep: And then there was rest.: So…. because I really do like to think of this space as a bit of a personal diary– highlighting lessons rather than the gruesome details….

This is basically me for the past three years and am still not ready to fully admit that i need help and not able to do it on my own. Not only that I am not supposed to have to do it on my own, And i just need to take that leap of faith and just trust. Just trust that God has a plan and that he is in fact my father and loves me more than i can ever imagaine and that he wants what is best for me and his plans are way better than my can ever be. But its the scariest thing in the world, and right now I do not even know where to begin. Actually scratch that I do and that involves me going to sleep and just letting Him take the wheel and let me rest in his plan and in his arms. He has a plan and it will make me the have the most joy and spread the joy in the best possible way. I just need to take the leap. Writing it down on this blog i feel makes me accountable and therefore if its on paper that means in fact i have put a name to it and maybe almost admitted i have a problem. Im just not sure if i am ready to let it go and fall………….

Falling and Faith??? Thoughts.

New Post Idea

I forgot what blog I saw it on……..It was Preppy Graduate.

I love this idea because lately it has been the little things that have been getting me through the week and looking forward to something big has been a big motivating factor in this crazy thing called senior year. So for now I may just go with coffee and cupcakes but I kinda want something different. 


ANd I just realized that I posted What I love Wednesday on a Tuesday


Pressure and Perfection

These two words rule my way of thinking. I think that I must put out the best work I can do so that I can accomplish what I want but that picture I have in my head is so high and perfect that I never end up starting said project.

This brings me to the pressure part. Wanting everything to be perfect puts me under so much pressure that I never even start and then the deadline looms closer and closer and then I eventually start. I say that I work better under pressure but is it true or I am just rationalizing my procrastination? This is the current dilemma I am in with so many of my deadlines not limited to my senior thesis and the many places I am applying.

So in the meantime I am going to work on said project before my family gets here for family day and we go to Deeproots,

Thankful Thursday

1. Friends that will listen to me rant….about how guys are idiots, how I am totally scared about my future, Senior Year Stuff in general. And then check up on me because I tell them too. I’m not saying I’m not capable of being an adult its just sometimes I let my bad habits get to me.

2.That I get to see my family on Saturday. I haven’t seen them all semester. I miss them even though I complain about them a lot. I get to see my sister too. Really excited

3. The chance to be able to finish my last semester at college and have the ability to research things I really like. And hopefully land a job that I want and enjoy that uses all my skills and passions.

Have Some Lilly to lighten your day…………

Am I right, or am I right wearing Lilly always seems to make the days better. For me I always get compliments when I wear my Lilly and it just makes my day. I stumbled upon these Lilly Pulitzer Quotes from and had to share them.

1. “I was a gypsy, living a carefree life of ponies and tennis.”

2. “Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.”

3. “Style isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about how you live.”

4. “It’s always summer somewhere.”

5. “If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”

6. “Being happy never goes out of style.”

7. “I designed collections around whatever struck my fancy … fruits, vegetables, politics, or peacocks!”

8. “I didn’t set out to be unusual or different. I just wanted to do things my way.”

9. “That’s what life is all about: Let’s have a party. Let’s have it tonight.”

10. “Jackie [Kennedy] wore one of my dresses – it was made from kitchen curtain material – and people went crazy.”

And here’s some of my favorite Lilly from this season that is so out of my budget but still it nice to dream.




Santana Sweater Dress


Gretchen Dress $98



This is the Cassie Dress………..I have two. I am in love. It is the most comfy thing ever. I have it in light green and the dark and green stripe. I would do anything for it in the Tusk In the Sun Print. But also any of the colors this season would work too. You just cannot go wrong with this dress. Oh and its $98 on the Lilly Website. I get all/ most of my Lilly on or at the endless summer sale.


That’s all I’ll do of my Lilly Wishlist for now. But there is more. That is for another post.

What Im Loving Wednesday

1. Gossip Girl


2. My Lilly Pulitzer Sparkle Bag


3. The fact that I have friends that will come and tell me its gonna be ok and let me rant at 10 at night. And as I’m writing this I am currently in one of my hate guys moments because of being a girl.

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