If you read any of my blog you have probably heard me mention researching quite often. And you are probably confused that politics can be researched but trust me it can and as a Political Science one get quite good at it and may even come to enjoy it like me.

             That being said you are probably wondering what I am actually doing while I “research” , and that is fine. I am used to it my friend was even “ oh now I actually have a clue of what you want you with your life, I never really understood it.”

            First I had to figure out what I wanted to research….If you have a running list it is hard to pick just one especially since this is my Senior Thesis I had to enjoy it a lot because I am working on it for three months.

           I finally picked out a topic about three weeks later than originally planned. But I have one. I am doing my Senior Thesis on , drum roll , “ Do tax policies have an impact on business?” I personally believe they do but that’s not to say I am not open to learning more about it, which I will do in my Senior Thesis.

       Oh and by the way it doesn’t have to be about taxes it can be about just about anything. There is actually a lot to learn about it politics. Its not an area of expertise many have. It is common for me to start talking and people have no idea what I am talking about, and that’s ok.

  And after you get a topic you gather your sources. This is the fun part. I thoroughly enjoy this part. One must figure out if it is relevant to your topic and how it relates and then if you can use it.

    So that’s all for this “ What the heck do you do all the time” post. I hope it clears things up. Basically I just want to change the world by finding out about how policies impact people and how to make better policies that impact people in positive ways.

Done is better than perfect, or worse Not even started

So I am a bit of perfectionist. I have to put my best work forward and know that it is my best and that I have done all in my control to make sure it happens.It being whatever I am working on that moment.

But sometimes this causes a problem. A big problem. The problem is that I worry so much about it being perfect I do not even start on it. I am talking about like not even writing down what is in my head running around cause I think its not good enough.

So to counter this I have started just writing and then typing something anything. Its normally not as bad as I think it it or if it bad that is why I edit it. But just writing it down and getting started is the best feeling ever.

This is the technique I have been using in my internship application process because its hard and boring and I don’t want to do it. I would rather be researching for my Senior Thesis or my teacher but I have to get this done if I want to pursue my dreams. So here’s to be jumping the gun and just starting. I have been doing this all weekend and I have actually gotten somewhere, its an awesome feeling to know that you are doing all that you can to pursue your goals and not really letting anything stop you, that includes yourself.

Monday Motivation


Because when the going gets tough the tough turn to Disney to realize that its all gonna be ok. Sure, it may not seem like it but like every Disney movie out there, it always works out and you get an awesome feeling of I can do this. Cause no matter how old you are , Disney cures all.

Thankful Thursday

1. Books and that I can buy them. I recently bought a whole bunch of new books and can not wait to read them. They are Politics related but that’s kinda a given with me. Its my major and I believe what I want to do with my life( that keeps changing but I am set on the politics part)


2. For people believing in me as I apply to internships and do research because its harder than it looks. Yes, we do not have to memorize stuff be have to read and then process and then process that in relation to our thesis and then write an original thought. Its hard. I love it though.

3. Fall Break and finally being able to catch up on some reading and also FINALLY FINALLY apply to internships. Cover Letters get tedious after writing almost the same thing multiple times.

What I am Loving Wednesday

 Untitled picture
My Parents got the family plan so therefore that included me. I just love it. It’s a great break in between studying and writing internship applications. And working on my senior thesis. Its fun and it allows you take a break while not allowing your brain to shut off completely. I know I have a problem getting back to studying and whatnot after I take breaks like naps.
2. Luke Bryan’s New Album “ Crash My Party”
Luke Bryan New CD
Its been on repeat since I got it. Its on my IPhone and its on my computer I listen to it at least once a day.
3. My White Flats
I’ve been wearing these more often. This is major because I basically used to live in cowboy boots and then last year I got Sperry’s and fell in love. But these go with everything and I have had them since Senior Year of High School I think I finally broke them in so that may have something to do with it. Change is good sometimes.


They open and close. Sometimes you have to find them, other times you find them and then realize they are in fact closed. The latter just happened. I was all psyched about applying to this internship and because I am graduating in December I cannot do it cause it would give you course credit and whatnot.

So partial fail on my part for not reading it fully. But I have plenty of other internships I can apply to and gain the experience I want. I guess it was kinda of a wakeup call that despite my efforts to avoid Washingtion DC that is where I am going to end up. That’s where all the places I am applying to. Don’t get me wrong I love the city. The politics, the history , the beauty, everything about it makes me love it. The only thing im not too sure about is the cold; I don’t think my little southern self can get used to it.







Monday Motivation



Well here’s some Monday Motivation for ya. Basically no matter what people say you are awesome and will be able to do awesome and amazing stuff. Thinking and realizing you are in fact “ Awesome” is half the battle in my opinion. But once you get there and realize what you are good at and your passion, You will be awesome and will be able to change the world.

Thankful Thursday

Because well I just go through my days and never really take the time to think about all the awesome stuff I have going for me or the people or opportunities I have presented with:

  1. The retreat that I had two weeks ago. It was with my campus ministry that I am a part of it, it was the annual Fall retreat that I have gone every year since Freshman year and in the process made some great friends and also realized jus how great God is and that he in fact has a plan.
  2. My Roommates; Like I have had roommates in all my other years but we never really got along we just functioned enough to not kill each other. They care about me and worry about me when I get into some of my bad habits; They aren’t that bad but they are just what happens when I get too involved in my work . That’s another post,
  3. Girls Group and how it makes me focus on what is really important. That being no matter what career I pursue or job I land after graduation is that we have a purpose and God is amazing and wants what is best for us. He wants all of his daughters to feel like they are wanted cause they are and He wants us to fall in love with him like he has with us. We should run to him instead of others and just trust in him and fall into his hands and he will protect us and let us rest.
  4. People like Rand Paul, and the Speaker of House……that they are willing to fight for the liberties that our country was founded upon. That we still have some politicians who are fighting for what the founders fought so hard to get and will not back down. ( I am a Political Science Major so I am following the news and CSPAN for the government shut down like its my job cause it kinda is) Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and no one else’s.

What I am Loving Wednesday

So this is a little late. Ok, very late. I decided to do back posts and try to get regular on this thing. It is hard for me to do cause although I love writing lately because all of the writing I am having to do between internship applications and papers and everything my brain just dies….. and nothing will come.

But what I am Loving this week:

  1. My UGA BullDawgs kicking butt this season……I love fall for college football and this is common knowledge. Its been a good season, I think. I know enough about college football but sometimes I cant keep up with the guys( Its something that I am working on). 1385249_543164059087489_1302777934_n (1)
  2. The fact that its still like 70’s here. And that means I can stay on front campus and work. I seriously get more done than inside. It took me long enough to just accept this fact. So I will be spending more time out there and pictures of its amazingness will be coming.
  3. All my new bows. They are my newest addiction that are motivating me to work. Its bad that I need things to motivate me to work  but that’s for another post.


  1. And as always reading The College Prepster blog. I can relate so much to her as she is trying to get into a schedule and stuff. I am crazy schedule person and just this semester I havent been able to get into one and pretty sure its messing with me mojo and ability to get stuff done. Need One pronto although the semester is almost half way done.

Monday Motivation

I have been collecting all these quotes pictures and look at them also for motivation. This one seems the most relevant right now. 
Basically Do what You Want To Do but don’t get so involved in it that you forget everything else; like family, friends and your health. And do not be afraid to go after big dreams, no matter how much they scare you. I know all about dreams seeming like they are so huge compared to yourself; that’s how I feel right now. Just take things one step at a time and take time to enjoy the small things. 

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