So Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is 20 years old……………..

20 Years of Magic


Can you believe that Harry Potter and the Sorcerers’ Stone/ Philosopher’s Stone is 20 years old?? Me either. Because that means I am getting older. I was 7 when the first book came out and probably got it that summer for my birthday. ( I am not entirely sure when I got it because since then Harry Potter has been as much of my life as watching NCIS) Since then I have found my literary doppelganger – Hermione, who also showed girls that it is ok to be the smart one. I know I went to at least one midnight release party for a book and saw one movie the day it came out. I watch at least one of the movies when they are on Freeform/ ABC Family. I am part of the Harry Potter Generation, No shame whatsoever in saying that. The hashtags alone tell you how well loved this series is; #HarryPotterForever #20yearsofMagic #HarryPotter20

Not to mention countless fan Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram accounts that help us to live the magic – because it will never really end.

Thank you, JK Rowling, for writing a series that would help me get through some tough stuff over the years and  for showing me its ok to be a smart girl.

Since its this big anniversary they are reprinting the books but this time in house colors. I already ordered mine and am waiting for it comes. I got a Ravenclaw Blue and Gold hardcover coming and may get a Slytherin one because that’s the other house I got sorted into on Pottermore. Also on Pottermore, they launched a worldwide book club that is going to go through all 7 books and talk about major themes in each over a Twitter chat by @wwbookclub, with the first one today (Friday) at 4 pm BST, which is 11 pm EST. The first topic is Muggles and the magical world.

‘“I hope you’re pleased with yourselves. We could all have been killed – or worse, expelled. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to bed.”’

Hermione Granger in  Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, J.K. Rowling



Gryffindor/ Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw/ Slytherin

And not to mention Illustrated editions started coming out last year so therefore we have other Wizarding World Stuff to look forward- Just keeping the magic alive.


Philosopher’s Stone/Chamber of Secrets/Prisoner of Azkaban (Release Date October 3, 2017)

And of course, the media had to get in on the magic


Time Article
CNN Article

USA Today Article/ First Review of HP and Philosopher’s Stone

And Fantastic Beasts and Where To FInd Them movies keeping the magic alive, along with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando. Been there- done that can not wait to go back and see Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

Harry Potter was and will continue to be a big part of my life and many other millennials . PS I hate the word Millennials and how it stereotype’s us. That is a post for another day though.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Collabs–Lorac

Pirates of Carribean & Lorac Collab

Eyeshadow Pallet-$55 / Cheek Pallet- $35


So who doesn’t love a good collab??? Like really, who could not love combining of your two favorite things; in this case Make- up and a great movie Franchise – Pirates of the Caribbean. I have the eyeshadow pallet and it is to die for. The colors are awesome and strong  and easy to work with, all things you have come to expect with Lorac. Next up is the Double ended lipgloss. It comes in a variety of colors all based upon the theme of Pirates of the Carribean : Dead Men Tell No Tales.  Same with the names of the Eye Shadow. Some names include: Cursed, Black Pearl, Compass, Silvermist, Starry Night and Treasure. My favorites are: Sea Haze, Yo Ho , Compass and Starry Night. It also comes with a Lorac Front of the Line Eye Liner. The coolest part is that there is a little compartment on the side that the cheek pallet fits in; Which I am still debating getting. There is the Beauty and the Beast Collab that just came out also.

Pirates of the Caribbean Lorac

1. Ahoy Matey /2.Risk it All /3.All of them

This collection is available at Ulta, Kohls and

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May Goals 2017

Well Funny story, It is now June 19th and is just now posting this. I apparently wrote it and saved it in my drafts instead of it actually posting. Well, you live, and you learn.



So for April Goals It was busy and I got sick so that is why they are not posted and there is no recap as to what I accomplished because it was a whole lot of nada. That being said its a new month and It’s time to make it happen in May. I do these goals to help keep me accountable and so I am guaranteed to have at least one post per month on this blog.

So Here we go…………

Monthly Goals

  1. Finish applying for Social Security Benefits, Medicaid, and Snap. #ChronicIllnessProblems #Idontlikeit
  2. Buy a domain, hosting, and WordPress site and transfer from Blogger. 
  3. Get 20 credits at work
  4. Work on and implement a content plan for the next 6 months.
  5. Productivity Challenge( 14 days), Lazy Girl Productivity Course
  6. Have a meeting or two about setting up young adult group at my church
  7. Finally, send that damn letter
  8. Make and Keep monthly savings and Budget Plan
  9. Figure out numbers for Blog and monetizing it
  10. Celebrate Mother’s Day with my Mom 
  11. Blog Learning Wishlist
  12. Traffic Challenge
  13. Currently debating signing up for Branding Challenge – 4 weeks, 150 possible $1000 prize- Lighthouse LLC
  14. Complete SBB Checklist to Launch by June 15th

Weekly Goals

  1. Get 2 Credits a shift at work per shift
  2. Post 4x a week
  3. Post Clothes to BST/Poshmark
  4. Have Blog Office Hours 10 hours a week
  5. Read one book a week that is not Game of Thrones
  6. Keep Room / Bathroom Clean
  7. Pay Down Debt
  8. Complete SBB Checklist to Launch by June 15th – Do a little each week
  9. Complete Paperwork for SS, Snap, and Medicaid 3 hours a week

Daily Goals

  1. Drink 2 Waterbottles Daily
  2. Morning Routine- Update it with Productivity Challenge and actually do it
  3. Be active 30 minutes a Day
  4. No TV/ Phone after 10 pm
  5. Work on Blog 2 hours a day
  6. Read a Book for 30 mins
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Better Late than Never; June Goal Updates

Well i have had my powersheets done for a couple of days , but truthfully I haven’t exactly looked at them since then although they are on my wall. I know i have kept up with some of the daily tasks and worked on some of the bigger monthly goals.

Monthly Goals:

  1. Read 4 Books
  2. Work Through #BlogBoss and come up with Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Plan for this little blog
  3. 30 day Savings Plan- You put however much the date is for the day. Say its the 5th , you put $5 in. Or in my case transfer from Checking to Savings.
  4. Write my Editorial Calendar 3 months out
  5. Make an Inspiration Board and Keep it Visible
  6. Budget and Time Bill paying so i can pay off Debt
  7. Figure out Blog Expenses and Living Expenses
  8. Work on Saving Money
  9. Post Clothes to Poshmark and Buy/Sell/ Trade Groups

Weekly Goals:

  1. Track Time to figure out where I am wasting time so i better use my time effectively
  2. Pay Off Kohl’s and Capital One
  3. Office Hours for Blog (10 hours a Week)
  4. Work on a schedule for batching- Writing, Linking, Photos , Social Media Scheduling
  5. Accountability Group for Blog
  6. Keep Room/ Bathroom Clean

Daily Goals:

  1. Figure out and Implement a Morning Routine
  2. Move for 30 mins daily
  3. 30 Day Saving Challenge
  4. Office Hours for Blog 2 Hours a day
  5. Janeau
  6. Sleep Machine

Goals Refresh- 2017 again

Well i konw i wrote my goals down in the beginning of the year but i think i have changed or refined them more. This is something i like about Powersheets , they can change along with you.

  • Keep up with Politics. I know this is an odd item but i actually have my BA in Political Science and it is something i really enjoy. Actually one of my dreams is to sometime work in Washington DC or to help educate people about Politics in general.
  • Read more books. I know this is kind of obvious if one wants to keep learning and getting better, but hey if its not in writing will it happen. And don’t let me loose in a bookstore. That is all i am going to say about that.
  • To work on my Faith.
  • To learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. To learn how to make graphics for both my personal use and blog and also how to make money with it.
  • To get better time management skills and be more intentional with my time.
  • To start a Young Adult Group at my church.
  • To work on my relationships with people and get better at communicating both in person and in writing.
  • To get Healthy – Mentally, Physically and emotionally. All while not letting my chronic illness of Diamond Black Fann Anemia control my life.
  • To work on my blog more consistently and treat it as a business. Use my blog as a second income stream in addition to working at Kohl’s part time.
  • To once again work on the Contentment Challenge.

These are in no certain order.

Goals- April 2017


So I finally completed my #powersheetprep 2017. For those of you that do not know or use Powersheets , all that means is that I went through all the exercises and made sure my goals align with who I am now and the past 6 months. I think a lot of it stayed the same but some of it may have changed a little. It may be more refined.

So like always a recap of the Previous month, March. Here we go. So I actually thought i posted March goals but i guess I didnt. So here goes the recap.


  1. Figure out student loan info
  2. Post Clothes to Posh/ Mercardi and BST Lilly Boards
  3. Make a budget and savings plan and keep it
  4. Finish and send that email
  5. Work on Blog Logo, Editorial Calandar and List of Brands / People i want to work with
  6. Send Best Friend her Birthday Present from like a year ago
  7. Make progress on young adult group
  8. Be more active
  9. Make and Keep Friend Dates
  10. Start and Finish Powersheet Prep for 2017


  1. Read Make It Happen, Nothing To Loose and Power your happy Smile
  2. No Spending/ Spend $15 a week or less SmileSmileSmile
  3. Pay Down Kohls/ Capital One SmileSmileSmile
  4. Get a credit at every shift SmileBe right backSmile
  5. Clean Room and Bathroom
  6. Office Hours( 10 hours) [Learn Adobe]

Daily :

  1. In The Wait Study- This did not happen at all
  2. No Shopping – Surprisingly I did well until the end of the month where i bought a course and a Lilly Thing
  3. Take Exjade – This also went well I remembered almost 75% of all mornings and nights
  4. Drink at least One Water Bottle – This happened thanks to my Contigo Water Bottle
  5. WorkOut – This happened a couple of times but not enough that it became a habit
  6. Meditate / Silence – Yeah, Nope happened like twice
  7. Get up Early – Kind of. It wasnt 7:30 but it was around 8 until i started not feeling well.

Now on to April Goals:


  1. Make an inspiration board. I know this is technically part of powersheet prep but i didnt have time to make it perfect or have a lot of time so here is to being intentional and accomplishing it this month.
  2. Finish and Send that darn email.
  3. Set up and have meeting for young adult group at church.
  4. Buy Domain and hosting.
  5. Read 12 week year and Apply. Start on conquer your year agenda.
  6. Figure out content posting schedule.
  7. Find Beginner Adobe Courses and work on them.
  8. Make and follow both a budget and savings plan.
  9. Find a hematologist in Athens.


  1. Plan Meals and schedule Workouts.
  2. Read two books a week.
  3. Start batching content and set up a routine.
  4. Do one thing on my goals in which there is no turning back from.
  5. Work on Adobe Learning at least 10 hours a week.
  6. Spend Less than $15 a week.
  7. Take Pictures of clothes and post to BST Groups/Posh/ Mercardi
  8. Pay down credit card/student loan debt


  1. Drink 2 bottles of h2o a day.
  2. Miracle Morning
  3. No Phone after 9:30 pm.
  4. Office Hours for working on Content and learning.
  5. Take Exjade twice a day.
  6. Track Spending
  7. Do something active.

March Goals and February Recap


March 2017 (1)

So about February…….

Monthly Goals:

  • Call someone regarding starting a Young Adult Group at Church- Kinda did, emailed her on the last day of the month.

  • Finish the 2nd Game of Thrones Book – A Clash of Kings

  • Post Lilly that I no longer wear to Poshmark, Mercardi, and BST Boards on Facebook- Kinda did the opposite and bought from these boards. This is what made me realize that I had a problem.

  • Write THAT Email- started haven’t written in it since. Last night I thought of some stuff but of course I have by now forgotten.

  • Make and Keep 2 Friend dates

  • Get into a routine(Morning)

  • Come up with a Budget –And Stick to it– Contentment Challenge RESTART- Kinda did. Well I am recommitting to it for Lent and no more buying anything.I already blew it at Kohl’s because I was trying to get Kohl’s cash.

  • Come up with a Savings Plan

  • Plan for Blog going Forward- Once again kinda. I knew what my goals are for the year and the next three months , one of them being more consistent in posting is still my downfall. I did get a little notebook to carry around with me for when an idea strikes. I have the ideas I just have to actually write them – plain and simple.

  • Powersheets Prep 2017- Turns out I could put this on the next month

  • Keep up with Cultivate What Matters Book Club, She Reads Truth , and the In The Wait Study

Weekly Goals:

  • Call my Best Friend – Well I have texted her and kept in contact so that is an improvement.
  • Do Blogilates – Yeah did not happen.
  • Go Running
  • Work on Skillshare class- Photoshop- Did not happen. Part of it was I didn’t have the computer that has Photoshop and then I was working a lot.  
  • Get peoples addresses I care about
  • Bi-Weekly Blogposts
  • Read 1 book a week

Daily Goals:

  • Do stuff I know I need to do (Exjade and CPAP Machine)- I have mixed feelings about my CPAP machine and I know I did not take the exjade as often as I should and my ferritin level showed it. This shouldn’t be a problem because if I get too much iron in my body I can basically die- you would think that that would do it. It is just brutal on my stomach.
  • Drink Enough Water – kinda happened because I got a new water bottle and when I used it drank more water and in turn felt better.
  • Write something everyday- Nope
  • Blogilates – Nope
  • Get Up Early (by 7:30)- Not really. I mean I woke up early but then I just went back to sleep.



So now on to March Goals:

Monthly Goals:

  • Figure out student loan stuff. Reactivate my Payment plan.
  • Post Clothes to Poshmark, BST Boards
  • Read 5 Books
  • Make and Keep Budget and Savings Plan. Continue to work on Contentment Challenge.
  • Contentment Challenge: No SHOPPING, Catch up on the In The Wait Study, Read Nothing to Prove.
  • Finish and send THAT Email
  • Blog Logo, editorial calendar and Posting schedule, List of dream brands people i want to work with.
  • Send BF her birthday present that is like 1.5 yrs old. – whoops
  • Make Progress on Young Adult Group at Church
  • Be more Active.
  • Start and finish Powersheets 2017 Prep.
  • Make and Keep Friend dates  

Weekly Goals:

  • Read Make It Happen, Nothing to Prove, Power your happy and make progress on them.
  • No Spending on things i do not need
  • Pay Down my credit cards (Kohls/Capital One)
  • Get a credit every shift
  • Clean Room and Bathrrom
  • Spend $15 or Less a week
  • Office Hours (10 hours) – Learn Photoshop, Click Funnels, Work on Blog , SBB Classes

Daily Goals:

  • In the Wait Study
  • No Shopping
  • Take Exjade and Do what I am supposed to do ( CPAP)
  • Drink at least 72 oz H2O – Changed to 2 24 oz Contigo Water Bottles a Day
  • Work Out
  • Meditate / Silence
  • Get up early and find a routine that works.

February 2017 Goals


I am going to try a new thing where i post my monthly goals. I use #powersheets so they will be in the format of Monthly , Weekly and Daily. I know i am doing this all out of order but i am not supposed to start my new #Powersheets till April. Luckily there is nothing magical about January first.

Monthly Goals:

  • Call someone regarding starting a Young Adult Group at Church
  • Finish the 2nd Game of Thrones Book – A Clash of Kings
  • Post Lilly that I no longer wear to Poshmark, Mercardi, and BST Borads on Facebook
  • Write THAT Email
  • Make and Keep 2 Friend dates
  • Get into a routine(Morning)
  • Come up with a Budget –And Stick to it- Contentment Challenge RESTART
  • Come up with a Savings Plan
  • Plan for Blog going Forward
  • Powersheet Prep 2017
  • Keep up with Cultivate What Matters Book Club, She Reads Truth , and the In The Wait Study

Weekly Goals:

  • Call my Best Friend
  • Do Blogilates
  • Go Running
  • Work on Skillshare class- Photoshop
  • Get peoples addresses I care about
  • Bi-Weekly BlogPosts
  • Read 1 book a week

Daily Goals:

  • Do stuff I know i need to do (Exjade and CPAP Machine)
  • Drink Enough Water
  • Write something everyday
  • Blogilates
  • Get Up Early (by 7:30)

Goals 2017



So I am a little late on doing these, but hey there is nothing magical about January 1st. Thanks , Lara Casey

I have been behind on my powersheets. This is the reason I am still finishing last years.So i haven’t been able to write out new goals but i am staying pretty close to last year. So here we go- no more time procrastinating.


1.Take better care of myself

2. Go to bed and wake up early

3. Do the things I know I should do – take Exjade , CPAP

4. Be more active

5.Drink more Water


1.Contentment Challenge

2.Save Money

3.Pay my insurance monthly


1.Start a young adult group at church

2.Send letters to friends

3.Make “dates” to see friends


1. Have quiet time daily


1.Read 52 Books in a year

2.Write daily

3.Blog more often / 3 times a week

4.Learn Photoshop / Coding

5. Go through my clothes and give away/ Poshmark

Contentment Challenge – I am finally doing it.

I am finally doing this. I have been half way doing it with no improvement for the past couple of months. Of course I never actually considered doing it until it was on paper and in my blog- which i have been procrastinating in doing.
I am doing it for 4 months so September , October, November and December.
During this time  hope to learn to get a better handle on my finances and pay down my credit card debt and work on paying off my student loans.

The Guidelines:
• Until  September 10th, your homework is the following: prepare your heart, organize your closet, and make any necessary purchases that you might need during these months. (This is not a last minute shopping spree! This is one final trip to the store for items you will need.) For me this also includes looking closely at my subscriptions and getting it down. Right now I am in a lot, including- FabFitFun Box, Half Blood Prints Monthly, The Community (with Maxie McCoy) , Influencenet , and She Reads Truth AutoShip.
• Choose 1-3 inspiring books to read during this time. I am choosing Looking forLovely by Annie Downs, Loving my Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall, And Wild and Free by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan. These books do not include other Book Clubs I am in or may join. I am thinking about completing the In The wait Study during this season also.
• Gifts are okay! If someone gives you a new dress or piece of decor during that time, receive it graciously! If you need to buy someone else a gift, by all means, do so. The point is not to be rude, but to learn more of ourselves and the Lord. It’s not the time to be legalistic.
• Necessities are okay! Please buy groceries. If you drop and break your phone, please go get a new one! If you lose your glasses, buy a new pair. Just don’t start justifying new purchases for items that you already have. (“I really NEED this bathing suit, even though there are 8 in my closet already.”)

• You must actively pursue something – anything – that replaces your tendency to buy stuff. Begin thinking about something you love or a hobby you’ve always wanted to do, and make preparations to actually do it. I am torn between writing, drawing / coloring, exercising and working on learning Funnel Hacking , Microsoft and how to type better during this time. 
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