My favorite Apps

MSince I’m just on my phone distracting myself I thought I would show you my favorite apps and why.

1. Pocket 
If you are like me and like to read but don’t like read articles as soon as you find them this app is for you. I found it in the midst of the Eric cantor loss and still have to read all those. I also like that it cuts out all the junk so all you have is the article. 

2. Twitter and Instagram 
Kinda a given. I love it to talk to people and it’s connected to this blog. Great way to stay connected when I’m not bogging – lately which has been a lot. If you want updates they are more likely posted there instead of my blog. 
Love Instagram for inspiration and keeping up with other bloggers I follow. You guys provide such an inspiration. I’ve found some great people that I want to read their blog from insta and hope to soon. 

3. Blogger and Blogglovin 
Blogger for days like today when I just don’t feel like getting my computer out to write a post. I know it doesn’t do as much as online but getting a post written lately  is hard enough. So anything that helps with that is a lifesaver. 
Blogglovin is where I find great blogs to follow and since I don’t like opening my computer lately I thought why not. I love it because you can favorite posts and it comes back to read again. I do that with a lot of posts but especially Levo League. 

4. The College Prepster App 
Love her blog and now that I can it easier I even better. Carly is such an inspiration to me and when I need my head on straight again and a dose of reality inspiration I go to her blog. She is someone I look up to and inspired me to have start a blog. 
5. My Fitness Pal 
I’ve been trying to eat better so this keeps me accountable. Keeping accountable is important to me lately cause it makes me feel like I am doing something right when I get something like eating correctly down. #itsthelittlethings I’m realizing make life awesome and sometimes we just need to chill to see them. 

6. Reminders and Calandar 
I actually just recently started using Reminders. I love it cause it keeps my to do list straight but not so much cause it reminds me of what I’m not doing cause I feel like I got ran over by a truck. I have about 7 different lists and I use the set time function so it pops up on my phone and the constant reminder is there. It’s also connected to my outlook which is good. I like it just where I can see it. Other wise I forget. #itsthelittlethings happen here too. It feels great to cross something off a list and feel like I’m not being defeated by my illness. 

You want real?? Here it is

I have been basically burning both ends of the candle and still getting to what seems no where. This has been one of my hardest years medically for me and I have had to put so much on hold because of it. I just feel like I always get what I want but it’s later than I would like and always way after everyone else. 

Right now I am currently writing this from my phone in bed and having to skip going to catholic camp because I feel like hell and am tired. So I’m not doing what I want to do. Not at all. 
If It were up to me and I was feeling better I would have more posts in the works , applying to more jobs, doing a bible study before I woke up and learning how to drive now that I finally got a car. But no instead I’m in my bed wiped out and frustrated because I can’t do what I want because of medical reasons. 
The worst part is that nothing anyone can do can help. I’ve been a grouch for the past two weeks since this happened and it annoys me. I annoy myself. That is te worst feeling ever. 
So I guess that’s the end of my rant but really the worst thing to tell someone who doesn’t feel great and doesn’t know why is all the stuff she knows she should be doing. It doesn’t help. I’m gonna end there and try to read or just go to sleep. I prefer the first choice but lately even that is hard. 
I had actually started running and working out again and enjoyed it a lot. I also have a new bow that I have been dying to try out. But I haven’t had the energy which is annoying. 

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Preview

I am in love once again with the new Lilly Pulitzer Agendas. I have had two and love them both dearly for keeping me on top of what needs to be done and when. I have always gotten the large but after today I am thinking that I need the extra large for all that I have going on. Mind you , everything I am doing latley seems like to just stay afloat but that’s another story.




And the ones in the runnning for me come december are:


If I decide to stick with the size I have right now; which is a large I would get either Loopy or Lets Cha Cha in Blue.

But if I upgrade to the Jumbo I will get my all time favorite pattern TUSK IN THE SUN. And I love the addition of the green elephant.


And here is a picture that highlights all their features. At first I thought that spending $28 on an agenda was crazy. But then I used it and the rest is history.

images (3)

So what size and print are you thinking of getting? Have you preordered yet? They are available online at the Lilly Website and Lifeguard Press.

On My Radar

One|| The App Paper. Its amazing. I found it last week in the midst of the Eric Cantor loss in the VA Primary. Therefore most of my posts are relating that and what caused it because it came to a surprise to most especially those that don’t follow VA politics. I myself was in shock. I just love it because I can use while on Google Chrome and while on my phone. I haven’t had a chance to use it on my phone but the concept is great. Its better than liking posts on twitter and never actually reading them.
Two||Eric Cantor loosing his primary. More on this later.
Three||This Buzz Feed Article
This article explains my relationship with emotions perfectly, as in I would rather they not exist and quit making me talk about them. Yes , I do like you but no I will not smile because it looks like I am not happy. The ones to which I related to the most are: 2-5, 9-12,  16-18, 22. 22 is the best. Elsa is the best. Elsa is me.

Southern Girl Essentials

Monday Motivation


This describes my life perfectly right now……and my new point of view too. There comes a point when you need to change your view and start to see the good in stuff and not let the negative control your life, and I am to that point. It has taken me a long time to admit it… I have a negative attitude some of the time and let my circumstance dictate how I should act and I should not let it dictate how I approach stuff and try to learn from everything I am presented with.

Monday Motivation


This is a current view of about everything going on in my life……it seems like it should be easy but of course success is not about going the straight path with no challenges it is instead about how you over come those challenges to make it to your goal.

April Goals Recap


  1. Update master resume.- Kinda happened. I mostly just made sure I knew what I had on my resume was applicable to what I was applying for and tailored it to the job description.  
  2. Learn more about SEO optimization and implement it on my blog. Didn’t happen
  3. Check on Fall internship dates.- Got them just havent written them down in my planner or figured out how a plan to get everything done. The sudden need for a job has kinda overtaken this.  
  4. Order GRE and figure out testing date. – Didn’t get to it because my priorites have changed and grad school is further down the list. And by further down the list I mean that its not off the list but other adult things like paying for student loans take priority.
  5. Master Plan for grad school. More on that later. – yeah didn’t happen, my plans have kind of been readjusted in this whole look for a job furry.
  6. Just keep being positive that I will get through this rough spot.- Some days are good and others are bad, and others you just need to cry. I am getting better at this but a talk with my dad surprisingly helped.

A really late graduation post…….

Here are some pictures that my friend took along with after the ceremony. I figure now is just as good a time as ever since everyone is graduating now and I just got my first student loan payment statement in the mail.

2013-12-12 13.02.52

2013-12-12 13.09.10

2013-12-12 13.17.522013-12-12 13.20.34

2013-12-12 13.30.54

This is probably my favorite picture….. Oh the fountain

2013-12-12 13.45.52

And now because of change of plans I am now really applying to jobs. When things don’t work it is best to learn from it and move on. Most times in life you come back even better than when you fell and hit whatever is in your way.

Monday Motivation




This is something that I have always struggled with and in the past week it has become more apparent. To me this reminds me to remember who I am is not based on outside influences but it is instead based upon what the Creator of the World, God, thinks and he thinks I am awesome and wants what is best for me. So remember that next time you begin to second guess your worth.

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