Monday Motivation


This is something that I need to work on. That’s why Thankful Thursday is one of my favorite posts to write. It makes me sit down and think and see that there is always something to be thankful for no matter how small.

And if you are single in this wonderful month of February try to remember that you do have people that love you and care for you no matter if you have a boyfriend or not. AND TRUST ME I KNOW HOW HARD IT CAN BE TO WAIT AND WHATNOT.

So having no phone…….

Is hard. Not just because it has apps on it like twitter and stuff but because I do not have the ability to text my friends and right now they are my support / friends because I have still not met a lot of people who live close to me and are my age.

And I also use my phone as my camera. So all through the snow day fun I was not able to get that many pictures. I have some on my sisters computer but I have yet to upload them.

Its been a long week without my phone and makes me realize just how much I am attached to it and use it when I should be in fact talking to people in the room with me.

It feels weird not being completely on top of the news either which is the main reason that I use twitter.

Funny thing was on my #101in1001 list is to go an entire week without my phone. Guess I can mark that one off the list.

My #2014Mantra

I originally got this idea from Maxie at Iloinspired. I found her blog, and  McKenzie Horan’s blog from College Prepster and it could not have been at a better time with me just graduating from college this December and me going back to live at home. Since I am living at home I am in a totally new atmosphere than I am used to at school.

At school I had structure and knew exactly what was going on , which is something I like a lot. I am a very type a controlling person; I like to know what I am doing how I am supposed to do something and stuff. For the past month it has been all about making goals and what I want to do with my life and how I am going to get there.

I have realized one thing though, that if I want to accomplish my goals I have to go outside of my comfort zone. This has come from my parents, #SheReadsTruth and other people in different forms and after I have heard it a couple of times I figure they must be on to something. What that something is other than sounding a little crazy I have still to figure out.

Even though I don’t understand everything doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give it a try.

How I plan to live this year is with a #FreshStart , #JustDoIt and #WhyTheHellNot, #SteppingStones 

I have been encountered with lots of opportunities that I need to take although I know I don’t know everything so that I can get to things I want in the long run.


Heres to making #2014 the year of big things.

Watching Lately

Since I am way over due to post. I thought I would tell you some of the movies and TV series I have started watching since I came home.

1. Ender’s Game


          I just saw this movie last night. It was great. The main theme seemed to be leadership; It chronicled the story a 15 yr. old boy that was destined to be the one to save the world. He had to deal with many of the challenges that kids growing up into leaders have to deal with. I particularly related to the part where he was the loner and different. The ending is a great even though it was a surprise.

2. Intelligence

This combines my two favorite things: US government and a hot guy. The main guy has a computer in his head that is connected to the information grid and therefore he can track anyone and do almost anything with a computer. He has a protection detail whose only job is to make sure he doesn’t die because now he is the most expensive piece of US intelligence, so therefore he needs to be protection. Its an interesting combination of realizing he is a person and a machine. It also has the blonde from CSI, and she is surprisingly good.


3. The Originals

I’ve loved this since I started last year. It has vampires and hot guys what is not to love. I love how both this and The Vampire Diaries go back in time. I love how seeing how the events of the past impacted the characters today and how they react to certain events. It is set in New Orleans, Louisiana  which adds character to it and makes me really want to go there now.



Monday Motivation

These are becoming my favorite posts. It seems lately I have been needing all the reminders I can get to take a step back, chill and look at the bigger picture. After doing that I have been normally able to find at least one thing that is going right or that I should be thankful for.


I need to be reminded of this because I am more of a planner perfectionist type of girl and sometimes that freezes me to the point I get nothing done. I made it work for school but it’s harder in the real world. This is something that my dad was actually talking about so it seems fitting to post.

Monday Motivation




I recently woke up early two days to do the #SheReadsTruth Bible study and lately it has been just the extra motivation I need. It is all about #AFreshStart and how we all have one. I find it quite on point with my life right now because I just graduated college and having the ability to learn all this new stuff about how to start businesses and about interning a congressional district office. I also have the chance to start a young adult group at my church that I am more than excited about because I came from college where I had a great group of people that were my friends and I need to go and make new ones.

What I’m Loving Wednesday

1. My family- This is a new arrangement for all of us. I know its difficult and like any family we are going to have days when we hate or strongly dislike the other person , but I know that they want to help me and love me. And I know they are trying to get to me to have a positive outlook all the time but its hard and I am trying. Its been fun doing stuff with my mom lately that while I was at college we didn’t get to do; I feel like maybe we are getting along better. My sister is trying to help in any way she can even though she is only twelve and my me and my dad are talking more (kinda) so I guess you can call that an improvement. All I know is that I do love them and thankful for what opportunities they have provided me with and I really do try to not make anyone angry its just really hard sometimes.

2.My internship



3. Scandal – The Politics of this show is AWESOME. ITS IN DC. Im in love. The president isn’t too bad looking  either.

Blog Updates and Changes!!

In the near future I plan on making some changes to my blog and thought that I would tell you what they were.

  1. New header and design. This includes a logo!! I’m excited about this one. I also plan on getting business cards with it.
  2. More Politics. Given Politics is really my passion I plan on writing more about it. Book Reviews and current events mostly.
  3. More series and more fashion.
  4. I am  also going to post my 101 in 1001 days. I’m excited about this one a lot. Along with a 25 by 25. Its all about goals and making them happen and embracing this new period in my life, being all postgrad and in the real world before I go and get my masters.
  5. How I keep organized……..
  6. I would love to do more sponsors and guest posting too. So if you are a company or another blogger and are interested in either of those hit me up.
  7. Any other ideas? I would love to hear them.
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