2014 Resolutions , Goals

The way I decided to do my resolutions was to pick major parts of my life that I want to improve upon and then concentrate on one group at a time. This is similar to what CollegePrepster did last year.

1. Confidence- Although I believe that I am pretty dang awesome and know what I am good at; which is politics sometimes I don’t think I am as awesome and I am and second guess my abilities.

2. Networking / Relationships – Given I have just graduated college and am always thinking about the future, this is important because I can use networking to get to know people in my field, which is important, especially in politics, to eventually get a job I want being able to help people. 

And I am living in a new place and don’t know anyone. I need to get to know some people here and make some friends.

3. Organization- I thought I wouldn’t be as busy without college, nope, just as busy if not busier between juggling a job, and blogging. I also want to expand my blog so this will be important. I have already started with this given I have been moving into my room at home and working from home.

4. Faith- This is hard for me just because I went from having an AMAZING CHURCH/CC Family at College to knowing no one. I have also had a hard time accepting things in GOD’s time instead of MY TIME. I started doing a SheReadsTruth Bible Study with Carlee and loving it.

I plan on concentrating on one aspect a month and reading books and then implementing ideas from the books.

13 in 13

Things I learned in 2013…

  1. That I am actually good at politics. I know what you are thinking “How can I not know that?” , well I didn’t actually think I was amazing and awesome at it until I had someone confirm it. I mean I should have known given its what I majored in at college and kicked butt doing so but I didn’t.
  2. You find out who you real friends are. I went through some hard times and it was surprising who was the most supportive and believed me.
  3. Family is there no matter what. I mean they have always been there but in the past year it became really obvious to me.
  4. Its good to take a rest. This is just hard for me to understand and do. It probably shouldn’t have taken me getting sick to realize this but that’s what it took because I am stubborn.
  5. Why I am so weird. Myers- Brigg Personality INTP. Nuff said.
  6. Its ok to open up. This again is because I am stubborn and quite frankly dislike emotions because I tend to feel them strongly.
  7. There is always that one person. The one person who understands you, they are out there and finding them is greatest thing ever. Its nice to not have to hide most of who you really are. You should probably try to keep that person around as much ass possible too once you find them.
  8. To me logic and emotion do not go together and emotion is useless in my opinion.
  9. I really like CSPAN. This goes back to number 1. Apparently not many people do; even among politics academics and people who enjoy politics in general.
  10. Blogging was the best idea ever.
  11. People actually care if you let them.
  12. Never stop learning. Just because I graduated college and didn’t get a job that I wanted doing what I wanted in politics doesn’t mean I still can’t read and research about it until I get a job or my go back for my masters.
  13. Patience. I just need to wait on God and he will do everything in his timing. His timing is the best and I just need to wait a little longer for the stuff I want like a family.

Monday Motivation


This is what I am leaning to be my #2014 Mantra……… Its simple and to the point. Sure , I am not doing what I originally planned to do, but I am learning stuff that will help me in the future.

I hope to just take whatever opportunities come my way and learn to make the best of them by changing how I look at them.

That’s all for now. I have a working and organized desk. YAY #LittleThings

Ok……..I’m still alive.

I am just in the process of making my bedroom/ office since moving back from college. It is taking longer than I planned, for lots of reason. This whole being home from college for good is a change for me and my entire family. When I come back though I plan to come back in full force. So there will probably be a lot of latish posts on christmas and graduation when I do get settled in.


Cannot wait to tell ya’ll stuff.

Ya’ll are gonna have to work with me

Its been a busy month since I graduated and to say the least I am still settling in to being home and my new jobs. That being said……….. New stuff coming on the blog ASAP. I hope to be posting by Monday. And Ill be announcing stuff in the near future. I am still trying to get back into the groove and dealing with stuff that comes with moving onto the next chapter of my life.


But I am still alive and cannot wait to tell ya’ll about my holidays.

Monday Motivation

Finals———Expect motivation to be all my posts are this week. Too many papers, too many emotions. Just put on foot in front of the other and write or study and you just do it.
I should take my own advice and finish this damn paper.

Thankful Thursday

1. Music…….. because it explains my emotions so much better than I can ever. Yes, I actually have them, even though I act like don’t. For that I have my reasons…mostly being what is their use?

2. My education- Lame as that sounds. These past four and half years have taught me so much and I have met some amazing people along way. It has definitely solidified my passion politics. I mean I knew in sophomore year of high school when I took a trip there with my class. And my AP US History teacher who would go on about ATF and ICE…….I enjoyed every minute of it.

Sure, right now I have no idea what my job is going to be after I graduate or my plans after. But I am sure somehow someway I am going to make a difference. Given all the hell I get about the government from my father………..Ill figure out a way. Cause end of story.

3. All my new twitter conservative girls……..who I am not even sure who you all are. basically that convo saved my sanity.

4. Blogging. It has kinda changed my perspective on stuff and made me actually sit down and think, and then write my thoughts logically. That process would be great to happen for any of the papers I am currently writing.

5. Family and Friends – The select few that I have when it comes to friends- I wouldn’t trade them for anything. This kinda goes back to all the awesome people I have met these past four and half years. And for the ones I have known since 7th grade who no matter how long its been since we talked we pick up right where we left off. And even though in these conversations it seems I have all the #awkward stories. #StoryOfMyLife

And family— Well we have our differences and rough patches but I know you only want what is best for me. Wouldn’t trade them for anything either.

What I am loving Wednesday or How I am surviving Finals

1. The Sound of Music LIVE !




So yes I am slightly obsessed. It all started over Thanksgiving break when we watched “ The Making of the Sound Of Music LIVE “ . I just fell in love with the Von Trapp Children and what is not to love about Carrie Underwood, Have you heard her sing.

The music is oddly reassuring and being totally relatable. It is just so pretty and relaxing.

Let’s see- Maria- Totally Relate , Sound of Music- totally related, Sixteen going on Seventeen- totally relate.

Basically in love with the soundtrack and cannot wait to watch it. It is of the Broadway version, which I helped with backstage for my high school when we did it.

2. This sums of how I deal with emotion. I am a highly logical person, sometimes to a flaw. And in some way this helped me to come to some logic about it. That is for another post.


3, Any Form of Caffeine and Chick Fil A

I am currently drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper. That’s all.


So this basically should have been a links I am loving post……whoops. I have one of those coming.

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